12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – the 10th & 11th Days of Christmas

The Tenth and Eleventh Days of Christmas!

Well, it finally happened – Christmas caught up with me and I missed a post for the 12 days of Christmas.
I knew the risks going in, but in my hubris I thought I could beat the odds and get through with a perfect record…

On the plus side, that means we have a record 21 winners today, which is ridiculously exciting!

Instead of a game of the day, I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who has joined us in our 12 Days of Christmas Celebration! I have had a ton of fun writing these articles, remembering all of my favorite games and the great memories that I have from playing them with friends and family. I know it can get chaotic during the holidays, and it can feel like everything is about buying things for people, but one of the things that I love about board games is that you are always giving more then just another present under the tree. You’re giving time together, a chance to connect over a shared experience, and hopefully some fond memories that you’ll always have.
I don’t remember when the tradition started, but for years my dad has gone out of his way to make sure that there was always a game or two for the family to play on Christmas – even after I opened up Game Grid, he would find games we didn’t carry so that he could still surprise me with a unique game I had never heard of! Some years were duds – looking at you Smallworld – and other years were a flash in the pan (Dropmix anyone?), but without fail, playing games together has always been what I look forward to the most during the holidays.

So, whether you’re a family full of gamers, or the only gamer in your family, whether you’re playing something new, or spending time enjoying a classic, I hope that you all have a chance to be with the most important people in your life this week and make some memories together.

Quick reminder!

If you haven’t claimed your gift by 12/24, it will be re-gifted on 12/27!
For all of you who haven’t won yet, we’ll be adding together all of the entries from all 12 days, so stick with it!
For our Lucky Winners, make sure to stop in and pick up your Gift Certificate so we don’t re-gift it!!

Alright, now onto the reason you are all here – The Question of the Day!

Tell us about your favorite gaming memory!
Doesn’t have to be holiday related, but that’s a plus 🙂

Oh, and, of course, the Winners of The Ninth Day of Christmas are…..

Darci Thomas Mckinney
Jack Marsh
Morgan Lunt
Brenner Remund
Matthew E Sessions
Michael Adams
Sigmund Brandenberg
Chris M Bartholoma
Alex H
Alexandra Canales Walstad
Tyler Ellingson
Cecile Pryor
Chris Franco
Marcia Miller
Zack Green
Congrats! We’ve got a $20 Gift Certificate for each of you with your name on it, stop in anytime to claim your prize!

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Schedule & Prizes

12/13 – First Day of Christmas, One Winner, $20 Gift Certificate
12/14 – Second Day of Christmas, Two Winners, 2x $20 Gift Certificates
12/15 – Third Day of Christmas, Three Winners, 3x $20 Gift Certificates
12/16 – Fourth Day, 4x…
12/17 – Fifth Day, 5x…
12/18 – Sixth Day, 6x…
12/19 – Seventh Day, 7x…
12/20 – Eighth Day, 8x…
12/21 – Ninth Day, 9x…
12/22 – Tenth Day, 10x…
12/23 – Eleventh Day, 11x…
12/24 –Twelfth Day, Twelve Winners, 12x $20 Gift Certificates!

12/25 – Closed for Christmas!
12/26 – Still Closed for Christmas – gotta have time with both families 😀
12/27 – Open Again! Any leftover Gift Certificates will be re-gifted at random!

Entering the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

1. Like & Comment on the Facebook Post that day
2. Bonus Entry for sharing the post!
3. Join our 12 Days of Christmas Discord Channel to get an automatic entry in every daily giveaway! (Real Names and/or Initials)

That’s it – nice and simple and hopefully fun!

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