12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – the Fourth Day of Christmas

The Fourth Day of Christmas!

With Christmas next week, my brain is exhausted and I’m sure your’s is too – so this week it’s all about Quick and Easy Family Games!

First Up is Codenames!
Winner of the Spiel Des Jahres 2016, Codenames is also the #1 party game on Board Game Geek, and well on its way to becoming a new classic.
If you haven’t played before, in Codenames you split up into two teams, each with a spymaster who gives single word clues to help their team find “agents” (cards) in the field.
Essentially it’s the perfect game to bring together the whole family – simple enough for every age, thinky enough for the brainiacs, and fun enough for everyone!

Second Place – Just One!
Winner of the Spiel in 2019, Just One is the Codenames for people who have already played too much Codenames!
What I love about Just One is that only one player is the “guesser” giving everyone else the role of clue givers – which is my favorite job in Codenames.
We’re still limited to single word clues, and there’s a new twist to add to the challenge: each player writes down their clue secretly, and before our Guesser gets to see the clues we reveal them to each other and any clues that match are removed!!
That means you’ve got to get off the beaten path, out of the box and into the shadow realm if you’re clue is going to be used.
If you’re group is all codenames’d out, definitely give Just One a try.

Third Place – We Didn’t Playtest This At All!
The point of the game is to win. You win by not losing. It really is that simple.
If you’re ready to turn your brain off and just have fun, this is the game for you!
Draw a card, play a card, do what the card says. Throw Rock Paper Scissors, Touch your nose, Poke your neighbor, do whatever it takes to keep from being eliminated.
Not to worry, when you get knocked out you won’t have long to wait, generally games take about one or two rounds before everyone is out! You can keep the party rolling by dealing out a fresh hand to everyone, and maybe this time you’ll be the one to knock them out! šŸ˜€

Fourth Place – Dude & More Dude
Literally all you can say is Dude, but the entire game is in how you say it-
From Dewd to Doooood, Dude to DUDE! you’ll have to find another player saying the same “dude” that you are, just by how you are saying Dude.
When you think you have a match, make eye contact and say “sup”, reveal your cards and if you match dudes, you score points!
An absolute riot, and my favorite icebreaker this year, Dude will have your whole group laughing and talking in no time at all.

Fifth & Final Quick Easy Family Game – Disney Geek Out!
The literal worst game we have ever played at employee game night, Disney Geek Out is one of the most ridiculous and restrictive Trivia Games I have ever endured.
BUT, if you love arguing about why your answer should count for points, if you love out bidding other players (& taking negative points!) just to stop them from winning, if you love a trivia game that bans you from looking up answers online – and doesn’t give you the answers, then Geek Out is for you!
It gets even worse too, specific questions belong to categories, and you can’t cross categories for answers (no using Pixar Movies on Live Action Questions, andĀ  I hope you know the titles of the soundtrack to your favorite films for the Music Category!)
Seriously I don’t recommend this game – but if you need a white elephant gift, or something besides politics to argue about, then Disney Geek Out might be perfect for you.

Alright, now onto the reason you are all here – The Question of the Day!

What was the last game that you played that made you Laugh Out Loud?
Do you think you could legitimately win a game of Disney Geek Out without looking up the answers?
What’s the worst game you’ve ever played??

Oh, and, of course, the Winners of The Third Day of Christmas are…..

Cole Motsinger!
Baylan Horrocks!
Sean Haring!
Congrats! We’ve got a $20 Gift Certificate for each of you with your name on it, stop in anytime to claim your prize!

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Schedule & Prizes

12/13 – First Day of Christmas, One Winner, $20 Gift Certificate
12/14 – Second Day of Christmas, Two Winners, 2x $20 Gift Certificates
12/15 – Third Day of Christmas, Three Winners, 3x $20 Gift Certificates
12/16 – Fourth Day, 4x…
12/17 – Fifth Day, 5x…
12/18 – Sixth Day, 6x…
12/19 – Seventh Day, 7x…
12/20 – Eighth Day, 8x…
12/21 – Ninth Day, 9x…
12/22 – Tenth Day, 10x…
12/23 – Eleventh Day, 11x…
12/24 –Twelfth Day, Twelve Winners, 12x $20 Gift Certificates!

12/25 – Closed for Christmas!
12/26 – Still Closed for Christmas – gotta have time with both families šŸ˜€
12/27 – Open Again! Any leftover Gift Certificates will be re-gifted at random!

Entering the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

1. Like & Comment on the Facebook Post that day
2. Bonus Entry for sharing the post!
3. Join our 12 Days of Christmas Discord Channel to get an automatic entry in every daily giveaway! (Real Names and/or Initials)

That’s it – nice and simple and hopefully fun!

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