12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – the Twelfth Day of Christmas

The Twelfth Day of Christmas!

Yes, we are open today, until 4pm – then it’s off to Family Dinners, Christmas Eve Parties and Star Wars (for some of us – no spoilers!).
Game Grid is closed on Christmas AND the day after.
We’ll open again on Friday the 27th for normal hours.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!!
After we close, I am heading over to my in-laws for a huge family get together… and almost none of them play games!
I’d like to get them started, plus it’ll give me a way to talk with everyone, so that’s a nice bonus šŸ™‚

I’m thinking about bringing Dude, Codenames, When I Dream, Captain Sonar, Wits & Wagers, Telestrations, or Just One, but I have no idea which one would be the best for everyone to play!
Kind of ironic that after spending the last few days helping people find great games to take home for the holidays I feel completely paralyzed trying to decide which game I should take a gamble on.
Maybe I’ll just pack up all of my Zombicide Expansions and see if I can get them into the Christmas Spirit by slaying hordes of Zombies šŸ˜›
Or I could bring Sidereal Confluence and make sure that I’m not invited back next year šŸ˜€ (Still one of my favorites, definitely not the game to introduce new players to!)

Maybe a better option would be a brand new game. For Employee Game Night this week, we played SpyFall, Black Skull Island, Wakening Lair & Harry Potter Death Eaters Rising.
Had a ton of fun – we crammed in all 4 in less then 2 hours! – and I think that they all deserve another play through when I’ve got more time, so maybe tonight is the night to roll the dice and see if I can remember the rules well enough to walk my extended family through one of the games I learned last night.

Since I am so indecisive, I’ve decided to let the wisdom of the crowds determine my fate.

Alright, now onto the reason you are all here – The Question of the Day!

What game should I take to my non-gaming family get together tonight??
It doesn’t have to be one of the above, but I do (sort of) know how to play those games, so that’s a plus šŸ˜›
What game would you take to introduce to your non-gaming family?
What game are you most excited to play over the holiday break??

Oh, and, of course, the Winners of The Twelfth Day of Christmas are…..

Jessica Craig
Rick Maloy
Steven R. Lamoreaux
Dave M

Congrats! We’ve got a $20 Gift Certificate for each of you with your name on it, stop in anytime to claim your prize!

Quick reminder!

If you haven’t claimed your gift by 12/24, it will be re-gifted on 12/27!
For all of you who haven’t won yet, we’ll be adding together all of the entries from all 12 days, so stick with it!
For our Lucky Winners, make sure to stop in and pick up your Gift Certificate so we don’t re-gift it!!

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Schedule & Prizes

12/13 – First Day of Christmas, One Winner, $20 Gift Certificate
12/14 – Second Day of Christmas, Two Winners, 2x $20 Gift Certificates
12/15 – Third Day of Christmas, Three Winners, 3x $20 Gift Certificates
12/16 – Fourth Day, 4x…
12/17 – Fifth Day, 5x…
12/18 – Sixth Day, 6x…
12/19 – Seventh Day, 7x…
12/20 – Eighth Day, 8x…
12/21 – Ninth Day, 9x…
12/22 – Tenth Day, 10x…
12/23 – Eleventh Day, 11x…
12/24 –Twelfth Day, Twelve Winners, 12x $20 Gift Certificates!

12/25 – Closed for Christmas!
12/26 – Still Closed for Christmas – gotta have time with both families šŸ˜€
12/27 – Open Again! Any leftover Gift Certificates will be re-gifted at random!

Entering the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

1. Like & Comment on the Facebook Post that day
2. Bonus Entry for sharing the post!
3. Join our 12 Days of Christmas Discord Channel to get an automatic entry in every daily giveaway! (Real Names and/or Initials)

That’s it – nice and simple and hopefully fun!

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