$1k+ Modern Event Report – Ravnica Allegiance

53 Players attended the Modern $1k at Game Grid Lehi on Saturday.
After 6 Gruuling rounds of play, the cut to top 8 demonstrated that it takes more than a bit of Luck & Skill to claim Victory.

Without further preamble, here is the event by the numbers:

And here are the Top 8 Decks:

1st Place

Morgan Lunt

Izzet Phoenix


2nd Place

Colton Christensen

Azorius Control (Conceded to Izzet Arclight)


3rd Place

Josh Rhoades

5c Humans (Lost to Izzet Arclight)



4th Place

Bryce Gruneich

Grixis Shadow (Conceded to Azorius Control)


5th / 8th

Jordan Webb

Boros Burn (Lost to Azorius Control)



James Cooley

Boros Beatdown (Lost to Izzet Arclight)




Karim Zamrini

Amulet Titan (Lost to Grixis Shadow)



Spencer Dunyon

Counters Company (Lost to 5c Humans)