A Quick Recap of SaltCON 2019

What a weekend. I’ve been home now for a couple day and I’m just now feeling like I’ve recovered from 3 straight days of nothing but board games. There are very few times during the year when I don’t feel like playing a board game. Okay, as I think about it maybe there is only really one time a year I don’t feel like board games. That is the 2 or so days following SalCon. Luckily I’m past that and gladly back on the board game train again, so I think I’m good to talk about the Con and all the fun I had. 

Over the course of 3 days I played 17 different games, many of the multiple times. Some were my favorites while many were new to me and exciting. Some of these games included Orleans, Secret Hitler, Wingspan, Carpe Diem, Codex, Azul and Can’t Stop. I met more than a handful of new gamers, as well as got to play games with familiar faces from last year’s convention. Of the two tournaments I participated in, I found myself competing in the semifinals of one of them. It was great.

What time I didn’t spend gaming was spent volunteering at the Board and Dice/Strawberry Studios booth. There I helped demo some of their new releases and sell some of their other games. I played more than my fair share of Black Skull Island and Little Monster that Came for Tea and Stayed for Lunch. I also got really good at giving a 3 minute overview of Dice Settlers. It was great meeting so many new people and introducing them to new and interesting games. 

If you’ve thought about becoming a convention goer but never pulled the trigger I encourage you to give it a go. It’s a highlight of my year and I know that many, many others feel the same way. So mark your calendars. TimpCON will be happening this October for the second straight year, but the big weekend will be 350 some odd days from now when we have the opportunity to attend SaltCON again. In closing I’ll leave you with a bunch of pictures so help give you an idea of what you’re missing out on. 

SaltCON Webpage

The one and only Davis Conference Center

Vendor Hall set up prior to opening Thursday Morning

Some of the various vendors at the convention

The Board and Dice booth I helped volunteer at

The large and very expansive SaltCON game library

One of the best places to buy and sell used games


Take a break from board games and try your hand at a space simulator


About 1/4 of the actual gaming hall


The beginnings of a game of The Estates


The end of a very hard fought round in the Azul tournament


The lates from Stefan Feld, Carpe Diem


The hotness that is Wingspan


A personal favorite, Orleans with the Trade and Intrigue expansion