A Sneak Peek at Game Grid’s Wednesday Game Night

My last article was about the origin story of my game group. In case you missed it, basically I put out a listing for friends and got those who responded to all come together as a mega-group of friends. The rest is history. I thought it might be fun this week to showcase some of the gaming that happened at this week’s Wednesday Game Night. 

In case you weren’t aware, every Wednesday evening is Game Night at Game Grid. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come in and get their game on. I believe the official start time is at 6 pm but most people start showing up between 6:30 and 7. On any given night there may be anywhere from 4-16 individuals present for games. If you’ve got something at home you want to get played feel free to bring it, odds are you’ll find at least a taker or two. Or you can just show up and see what everyone is playing and see if they’ve got an extra seat at the table. Better yet, why not pull a new game off of the demo shelf give it a play and then rent it to take home for the week for a second or third play. 

Either way, if you are looking for board games, odds are you’ll have a decent chance of playing something you’ll love if you’re willing to swing by. I enjoy seeing the variety of different games that get played each week. There will always be a heavy euro or two, typically at least one big kickstarter game that someone has just received in the mail, and most definitely a party game will hit the table at some point. The atmosphere is very casual and inviting. I’m holding out hope that before someday soon the board gamers will outnumber the Magic players on Wednesday evenings. So if you are in the are and looking for something to do this upcoming Wednesday swing by and join us for a game or two. Also, next time you are in the store ask to be added to the Wednesday Game Night Facebook group message, that way you’ll get to know everyone and what games they plan on bringing before you even show up.

Enjoy below a selection of photos from yesterday’s game night. There were a lot of great games being played. Aside from the games pictured, there were a good number of other games that hit the table. Just to mention a few; a party game called Just One, a micro-game called Tiny Epic Defenders, a puzzle abstract game called Tiny Towns, a classic euro called Puerto Rico, and even more.