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Hi, I’m Jordan, the owner of Game Grid Lehi
– pictured with me is my wonderful wife Brielle.
Partners in everything - including crime!
The idea of opening a game store first occurred to me in October 2011 – when I realized that my Card Collection was worth more than my car! So, naturally, Game Grid Lehi opened two months later, in December 2011 (although originally we were named Epic, long story, but feel free to ask). Little did I know, there is a lot of work that goes into owning and operating a game store. At first it was just hanging out with friends, help the occasional customer, and play a ton of Magic… As we grew, I learned a lot about business and community, which in turn led to more growth and more learning!

From all of that growth we are now the largest store in Utah, with over 5000 sq ft of gaming and the largest inventory of Cards, Board Games and Video Games in Utah! And, of course, we wouldn’t have gotten here without our remarkable staff, our amazing community of players, and a bit of luck.


Zachary Bird

Baby Bird is always so excited about new stuff!


Zachary Bird is my Brother, and the right hand man at Game Grid (and my wedding!). Zach is an exceptional Magic Player, a goofball, and is always there for the people in his life. When you work with Zach, you know that you’re going to have a ton of fun! He’s been at Game Grid for 5 years (off and on) and knows just about everything. More than anyone else on staff, Zach has been responsible for creating an awesome environment to play in and a great community of people to play with.

Skyler Hanks

The dashing gentleman in the suit (not my sister, or the child)

If Zach is the Right Hand, Skyler Hanks is most definitely the Left. Skyler is our go-to-guy for running events, pulling cards, and generally everything that requires a bit of timeliness and organization. While it can take a while for Skyler to decide if he likes you, there isn’t a better friend in the world once he’s made up his mind. When it comes to Magic, and gaming, Skyler is an encyclopedia of knowledge. If there is any kind of wacky combo in any kind of game, Skyler will build it, play it, and (undeservedly) win with it.

Cameron Johnson

Look at this young man with such a bright future - little did we know...

Cameron Johnson is our resident board gamer (and he also plays Magic – practically a job requirement!) From Zombicide to Dominion, Splendor to Coup, Arcadia Quest to Century Spice Road, Cameron has played it all! You’ll find Cameron running demo games, hosting Game Night events, and often joining in to play with groups that come in. A Jack of All Trades, Cameron is the quintessential representation of Game Grid.

William Sawyer

The non-Will, non-ginger in the picture is Will's personal hero - Mr. Chapin

Will is a Temur Scapeshift Player.
If you play Magic, you know that means that Will is a good sport about losing (a lot), but is still a competitive player at the same time. Over the year that Will has been a part of Game Grid, he has helped us create a thriving Modern Tournament scene, learned how to run events smoothly, and even picked up a Thing or two about Board Games. (The joke being that The Thing is the only Board Game he enjoys) A fanatical fan of Dinosaurs, Lord of the Rings, and Patrick Chapin, Will is always a great person to work with.


Game Grid Lehi is all about the community of players that has come together to build this store!
From Board Game Nights to Pathfinder, Magic: The Gathering to Pokemon, we play everything, every week.
Our players are welcoming, friendly and a tight-knit group of Friends and Family.

Gatecrash Prerelease at our Original Location
It's been a minute since the walls were Purple and Orange (Sorry to Disappoint)

Game Grid hosting The TnT Show, an awesome YouTube Channel by our good friend Scott Hurst.

Hosting the TnT show with Scott and Steve!

Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease at our newest space!
Over 177 players, and room for more!
Even moar space than ever before!

As a family of gamers, we’ve had weddings, funerals, babies, promotions, graduations and more!
Game Grid is always here, as a place to celebrate, or escape, with Friends.


At the end of the day, playing games is simultaneously the most simple joy and the most complicated endeavor.
There is competition, victory, loss, mayhem and even a bit of fun to be had when you sit down and play.
Games are a way to bring people together, to make new friends, to challenge ourselves and to escape from reality.

Our slogan at Game Grid tries to contain everything that we love about the hobby –

Good Games, Good People, Good Fun.


I’m sure that there will be more to add to this story – but for now, stop reading about us online and come check us out in person! 🙂

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