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Hey guys, Kaleb here from the Command Valley. We are releasing two exciting videos today featuring the brand new preconstructed decks and how to upgrade them right away for super cheap! We will go over the changes for both decks in this article. Be sure to order all of your Magic and other gaming needs at Game Grid Lehi. Their new site is awesome and it’s easier than ever to order online. I will include the lists of cards that we are adding to these new precons at the end of the article and you can copy and paste it right into Game Grid’s “decklist” function by following the link here.




Let’s start by talking about the blue/black deck, Sneak Attack, and how you can upgrade it immediately after taking it out of the box for twenty bucks or less. I’ll be swapping out twelve less focused cards for twelve other cards that will really power up the deck. But first, let’s take a look at what this deck is trying to do!

Anowon, the commander, makes our Rogues bigger and forces our opponents to mill cards when they get hit by our Rogues. As a bonus, we then get to draw a card if our opponent mills at least one creature for each player we hit. Seems really straightforward. I’ll be improving the deck in a couple of different areas–Rogues, equipment, mill payoff, and card draw. Honestly, the deck is soundly constructed out of the box, and without changing the entire strategy, not a whole lot is needed so we’ll just tune it up slightly.

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Cards to Take Out

First, let’s look at the cards I am going to take out. I won’t be going over them individually–as I want to focus more on the cards I’m putting in. I’d like to preface this by saying that I don’t think that any of these cards are particularly bad cards; in fact, I had a really hard time deciding which cards needed to be cut. The converted mana costs ended up being a huge deciding factor. So, again, it’s not that these cards are bad. Their casting cost is quite high and I believe that lowering the average CMC of most any deck results in more explosive turns. Without further ado, here is the list:




Cards to Add

Now, let’s check out the cards we’re putting in!

Drown in the Loch– The versatility on this spell is amazing. Being a counter/kill spell on the same cards is very useful and, because we’re milling our opponents, this spell will almost always have a target and at a very low-cost.

Into the Story– Seven mana is a lot; however, with the strategy of our deck, we’ll very frequently only pay four mana for this very efficient draw spell. My favorite thing about this card is that it is great card draw at instant speed.

Animate Dead– Animate is one of the best reanimation spells in the game. A measly two mana to bring any creature from any graveyard into play under our control is extremely powerful.

Keeper of the Keys– This Rogue makes sure that all of our other Rogues are unblockable (as long as we remain the monarch), which is very important. Also, being the monarch to draw extra cards is very nice.

Adaptive Automaton– An extra anthem effect for our Rogues–while also being a Rogue itself which is subtly useful.

Blighted Agent– This is probably one of the strongest Rogues in the deck. Suit Blighted Agent up with some of the equipment in the deck, and you’ll be taking opponents out in a single combat step.

Memory Plunder– I love spells like Memory Plunder! Being able to cast an instant or sorcery spell at instant speed from an opponent’s graveyard could change the momentum of the game–especially if you hit something really powerful like a board wipe.

Spelltwine– This card is very similar to Memory Plunder, but at sorcery speed; additionally, we get a spell from our graveyard, too! Spelltwine offers so much value for only six mana.

Scheming Symmetry– This card is kind of a meme in this deck, but it’s actually really cool. So Anowon eliminates the downside of having an opponent tutor, by giving us the ability to immediately make that opponent mill the card they tutored for when we attack.

Dowsing Dagger– This equipment is one of my favorite equipments. Since our Rogues are usually impossible to block, we don’t really care that an opponent gets a couple of plant tokens. Especially because when this thing flips into a land that generates three mana, we will have some crazy, explosive turns.

Stoneforge Masterwork– This card will make an equipped Rogue super huge which will increase how much our opponents mill and the chance that they mill a creature, letting us draw.

Cloak and Dagger– This thing is in here for flavor, but is lowkey really cool. Automatically equipping itself to Rogues when they enter the battlefield is actually really strong. Not to mention, making it so the Rogue can’t be hit with spells or abilities that our opponents control is also fantastic.

Well, that’s it for the Sneak Attack deck! Have fun sneaking your creatures past your opponent’s defenses and milling them for tons of extra value!



Now, let’s move on to the second precon, Land’s Wrath. The upgrades we’ve got lined up for this deck will also only cost you an additional fifteen to twenty bucks at most! Just like the Sneak Attack deck, we’ll be taking out twelve less focused cards and adding twelve more powerful cards.

Obuun, this deck’s commander, cares about playing lands and playing LOTS of lands. A good strategy for this deck is to really focus on getting multiple landfall triggers during our turns and playing other cards that benefit from landfall as well. Just as the Sneak Attack was designed fairly well, so is the Land’s Wrath deck. The cards we’re taking out aren’t necessarily bad and there are many different cards you can put in, but we wanted to provide some nice budget options so if you want to include your Avenger of Zendikar or other powerful/expensive lands matter cards, by all means, throw them in.

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Cards to Take Out

Again, I don’t want to focus too much on the cards we are taking out. I will simply say that the majority of the cards we are taking out were focused more on the +1/+1 counter theme or already have more powerful versions and we really just want to fill this deck with good landfall cards. So, here is the list of cards we’re removing:


Cards to Add

Here are the twelve cards we’re going to include for just fifteen bucks!

Dragonmaster Outcast– This card has an amazingly powerful ability to create us 5/5 Dragon tokens for super cheap especially because our deck is focused on getting tons of lands out. This is a great way to take advantage of the landfall strategy in this deck.

Sakura-Tribe Elder– This card is here to replace some of the weaker ramp we’ve taken out.

Champion of Lambholt– This card synergizes super well with our commander which puts +1/+1 counters on our creatures. This creature will very quickly make it so that none of our opponents can block our creatures and/or land creatures we create with Obuun.

Radha, Heart of Keld– Effects and abilities that allow us to play lands from the top of our library–not just our hand–are very synergistic with this deck. Being able to strip much-needed lands from the top of our deck will keep the landfall triggers flowing.

Scute Swarm– Once you have at least six lands in play, this thing’s landfall ability goes absolutely nuts. This card will multiply like crazy and it will be only a matter of time before you completely overrun your opponents. It is also super synergistic with another card–a finisher we’re adding to the deck–that we’ll talk about in just a minute.

Path of Discovery– This card is another card that helps us get lands from the top of our deck when we’ve run out in our hand.

Farseek– Here is another more efficient piece of ramp for the deck. Because our commander costs four mana it’s super important that we get it out as soon as possible with turn-two ramp so we can play Obuun on turn three.

Valakut Exploration– This new card is super cool and we want to get it out early in the game because it makes it so that each time we get a land we also get an impulsive draw off the top of our deck. If we play something like Evolving Wilds (or fetch lands) or a ramp spell then we can get extra cards off the top of our library with this card. Even if we can’t play those cards we aren’t super worried because they will deal damage to our opponents on our end step.

Felidar Retreat– This new card is just strictly better than Retreat to Emeria. This is really powerful especially on the turns when we are able to get multiple landfall triggers.

Colossification– This card has finally found a good home in this deck! When you cast it, enchant Obuun with it and, even though it taps Obuun, once you go to combat his trigger will go off and a land that you control will become an X/X Elemental with trample and haste that will have AT LEAST twenty-three power and toughness. That’s too exciting not to run in this deck.

End-Raze Forerunners– The one thing this deck seems to really be missing is win conditions. We are getting out a lot of creatures and tokens so that is why we have included this Craterhoof Behemoth type effect. Obviously, it’s not as amazing as Craterhoof Behemoth but it will get the job done in the same way.

Overwhelming Stampede– This is another great finisher that synergizes well really well with the +1/+1 counters subtheme and the go-wide strategy in this deck.

Thank you everyone so much for checking out this article. We hope that you are just as pumped as we are for Zendikar Rising! You guys rock! Hope you all have a wonderful day, and stay safe out there.

Don’t forget, you can copy and paste the following cards into the decklist function on Game Grid’s website here to buy any of the upgrades we included in this article:


1 Drown in the Loch

1 Into the Story

1 Animate Dead

1 Keeper of the Keys

1 Adaptive Automaton

1 Blighted Agent

1 Memory Plunder

1 Spelltwine

1 Scheming Symmetry

1 Dowsing Dagger

1 Stoneforge Masterwork

1 Cloak and Dagger



1 Dragonmaster Outcast

1 Sakura-Tribe Elder

1 Champion of Lambholt

1 Radha, Heart of Keld

1 Scute Swarm

1 Path of Discovery

1 Farseek

1 Valakut Exploration

1 Felidar Retreat

1 Colossification

1 End-Raze Forerunners

1 Overwhelming Stampede

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