Black Friday Giveaway 2020

Hello Fellow Gamers!

Welcome to our Annual Black Friday Giveaway!
As always, we are going all out this year and we are kicking things off by giving away over $1000 in Gift Certificates!!

The Prizes!

1st – $200

2nd – $100

3rd – $75

4th – $50

5th – $50

AND Twenty Five $25 Gift Certificates for Runner Up Winners!

 All winners will be announced on Monday, 11/30 at 11am – gift certificates will be available for pickup in-store after winners are announced.
If you prefer to shop from home and you can have your certificate credited to your account by calling in.

How To Enter!

  • Follow @ Game Grid
    • There will be a Question of the Day (QotD) every day! Join us on:
    • Like & Comment for your first entry – and you can share the post for a Bonus Entry!
    • Yes, you can answer on all 3 sites to get 3 entries every day!! Or 5(!) if you share the post on FB & Insta!!
  • Review Game Grid
    • We want to know what you think of us – the Good, the Great and the Spectacular. 😉
      • Oh, and if you have anything less than good to say that’s ok too, although we would definitely prefer an email –
    • Get an entry for leaving your review on:
    • And, since we don’t have a lot of reviews on Yelp, you’ll get a bonus entry for leaving a review on Yelp!
  • Shop at Game Grid
    • From Today (11/16) to Small Business Saturday (11/28) every purchase of $20 or greater will earn a giveaway entry.
    • Higher than $40? Earn a giveaway entry for every $20 you spent!
Again, the drawing is on Monday 11/30 at 11am – we’ll post the winners on our site and share it on FB, Instagram & Discord.
Best of luck to all!
And now, without further delay, here is the first…..

Question of the Day:

On Monday 11/30, you wake up and it turns out it wasn’t just a dream – you are one of our lucky winners and you’ve been bestowed with life changing riches!!

Will you:
A) Use your newfound wealth to “Treat yo’ self”
B) Share your winnings with friends and family by going on a gift-giving shopping spree!

Your answer has no impact on your chances of winning, and we promise not to judge you 😛

For me personally, I would definitely be going on a gift-giving shopping spree – but before you commend my generosity, it is entirely motivated by my own selfishness… My theory is that if I give my family more games, they’ll feel obligated to play those games with me. So, I’m actually giving myself the gift of more gaming, and crossing names off my Christmas Shopping list at the same time! 😀

One More Thing!

I almost forgot – the most important part of Black Friday Season… The Deals!!
We’ll be posting all of the details and all of our deals later this week.
About a week ago, we asked for your feedback on how we should run Black Friday this year. You all gave us some great ideas and we’ve been brainstorming some plans to make it work for everyone.

Here’s the rough draft of the game plan:

  • Online Sales
    • For everyone who wants to stay home and still shop great deals, we’ll be offering all* of our Black Friday deals on our online store!
    • The online deals will go live on Black Friday (11/27) at 11:05am and will be available through Small Business Saturday (11/28) at 10:55pm.
    • You can place an order for Pick-Up or have your games shipped directly to you!
      • Pick-Up will be available same day
      • We’ll be shipping orders on Monday, 11/30
  • In-Store Reservation
    • Reserve a time to shop in peace without waiting in line because we have too many people in store.
      • Reservations will be available online later this week.
      • There will be 10 spots available every half hour – 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, and 10:30am
    • You can show up early to browse the clearance tables in the back
    • When your reservation starts, you’ll be one of only 10 people in the front half of the store.
  • Limited Capacity
    • From 11am-11pm we will be open as normal and limiting the number of people in the store.
      • Up to 15 customers in the front half of the store (~100 sqft per person for social distancing)
      • Up to 25 customers in the back half of the store (~144 sqft per person for social distancing)
      • If we’ve reached our cap, you will have to wait until someone else is done shopping.
    • During this time, sales will also be happening online!
      • We’ll do our best to pull products off the shelf as soon as they sell online.
      • However, if something already sold online, we won’t be able to sell it in store.
      • You can avoid running into this by either shopping online or reserving a time earlier in the day
  • Overnight Door Busters
    • If you’re one of those crazy kids (or kids-at-heart) that camps out every year to get the best deals, we want you to be able to continue your tradition
    • We’ll open at 8:00am for anyone who camped out, letting you get first dibs on all the great stuff.
    • Reservations start at 9:00am, so you’ll have the store to yourself for an hour before your time is up.
    • Limited to the first 15 people camping out.

*All of our Black Friday Deals will be applied as automatic coupons on checkout, however our Price as Marked and Clearance Tables will not be online.


Thanks all – hope you have a great week and we’ll see you tomorrow with another QotD!