Casual Modern: Temur Ascendancy Combo

In response to the steps that Wizards of the Coast is taking competitive Magic in, some of us have taken it upon ourselves to take a step back from the competitive scene, and while I’ve been keeping up with competitive Magic, a format that sounded most intriguing was offered to me the other day; Casual Modern. Basically, your deck has to be Tier 3 or worse in order to be playable in this format. This opened the floodgate I had closed on so many ideas that I’ve had for Modern, so I present the first deck that I would build for such a format.

Temur Ascendancy Combo

William Sawyer

Allow me to break down the combo so that we’re all on the same page.

First, you need to have Temur Ascendancy, Temur Sabertooth, and Karametra’s Acolyte on the battlefield with at least seven Devotion to Green. You activate the Acolyte, adding seven green mana to your mana pool, then you activate the Sabertooth to bounce your Acolyte (leaving us with five mana) then you replay the Acolyte, leaving us with one mana left over. Because Temur Ascendancy gives all of our creatures Haste, we can activate the Acolyte again, creating a loop that nets us one green mana each time the loop if accomplished.

Once we have infinite mana at our disposal, we next need to finish the game. This is done in the form of Hydra Broodmaster, as we can activate it’s Monstrosity ability to make 50 50/50 Hydras, all with Haste. Obviously, this number can scale if need be.

This deck also features some other pieces that can replace other pieces, such as Voyaging Satyr and Nykthos being able to be used as a placeholder for the Acolyte and Sabertooth if need be. We also play some Polukranos to be able to wipe the board if we don’t have a Broodmaster in hand.

I’ve just been brewing around the coolest ideas for fun dumb decks in Modern. It was fun as a competitive format, but the flow of ideas that has ensued once I heard word of casual Modern has proven to be an unignorable one. Hopefully this fun little idea for a format will catch some steam in order to bring more people back to what Magic is at its roots; fun.

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