Code Yellow – Game Grid Update

Hello Fellow Gamers!

On Friday, May 15th Gov. Gary Herbert announced that most of Utah is moving to Low Risk “Yellow” guidelines and regulations.
Of course, many of you are already well aware and have been asking us when you can come in and play again – this article should answer that question, and any others you might have.

Before we dive into the details, I want to first reiterate that our first priority is the health and safety of our staff and our community.
If you are feeling unwell, have had any symptoms in the past 14 days, or are at-risk of developing complications from coronavirus, help us keep everyone as safe as possible by continuing to remain at home. Game Grid will continue to offer online events via Discord & Twitch and Door Drop Delivery so that you can stay connected with your friends and fellow gamers – staying home will not mean missing out.

For anyone who is ready to start playing again, here is how it’s going to work:


To ensure as safe of an experience as possible for everyone, and to adhere to the guidelines of Utah Leads Together 2.0 Game Grid is implementing the following rules for using our play space & tables.

  • Play Space Max Capacity of 50
    • To ensure that this is maintained, we will be offering seating reservations online & in-store.
    • If you want to guarantee a seat, you can reserve a spot for free on our online store.
    • You can also reserve your spot while in-store if there are still seats available.
  • Groups are capped at 8, and social distancing is maintained between groups
    • Each group will have it’s own table & seating
    • If you choose not to respect the distance required between groups, you will be asked to leave
  • 8-10ft between each table & group
    • We have rearranged the store layout to ensure that space is available for players to practice social distancing
    • Utah’s guidelines require 6ft of space between tables/groups, with our layout there is at least 8ft of space or more
  • Check-in, Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer Required
    • Check-In:
      • Reserve your seat, or confirm your reservation
      • Ensure that we stay under our cap of 50 players
      • Assign a table for you and/or your group
    • Face Masks:
      • Face Masks are primarily effective at preventing transmission
      • When everyone is wearing a Face Mask, it decreases the risk for all
      • Face Masks are required while in the play area, but not the retail space
        • You can of course remove the mask if you are eating/drinking
      • If you choose not to use a Face Mask, you will be asked to leave
    • Hand Sanitizer:
      • Provided at Check-In & at each table
      • Required to use before entering the play area
      • Recommend to use between each interaction with members of your group


That’s the grand plan so far. As far as I can tell, we are meeting or exceeding all of the guidelines published by Utah’s Health Guidance System.
If you see any flaws in our changes, have any recommendations for how we can improve, please reach out and let us know.

Finally, the big question on everyone’s mind – What about Events?

As I wrote above, we will still be holding online events via Discord & Twitch, including Paint Night, Magic Events, Board Games & more.
I want to make sure that no one feels left out, or undue social pressure to participate in store when they have health concerns.

For players that are ready to come in and play, we are going to have “themed” days and two events this week while we learn the ropes of this new system.
“Themed” Days are not restricted to that particular game, but if you are looking for other players that share the same interests as you then that is our official day for you to meet up.

Here’s the Schedule:

  • Monday – No Theme Free For All
  • Tuesday – Warhammer & Painting
  • Wednesday – Board Games
  • Thursday – Role Playing Games
  • Friday – Magic: the Gathering*
  • Saturday – No Theme Free For All
  • Sunday – Play Space Closed for Cleaning

*This Friday, we are going to be offering our first two trial events.
EDH/Commander will be available from 3:30pm – 7:30pm
Players may arrive anytime during that window &/or reserve a seat online for Friday Night Commander.
However, 7:30pm is a Hard Stop because…
Ikoria Booster Draft will be available from 8:00pm – Midnight
Pods will be seated AFTER 8pm, to make sure there is no overlap between Commander & draft.
Drafting will start by 8:30pm
If you have a reservation, your seat will be held until drafting starts.
If you arrive prior to 8pm, you are welcome to come inside and register in our retail area, but we will ask you to wait for the event in your car.

Thanks for working with us as we figure out how to make sure that everything is as safe as possible, we hope that you are excited to come in and play!



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