Commander 2020 Pre-Con Gameplay – Gavi, Otrimi, Kathril, & Kalamax – Duel of the Peaks #4 – Command Valley

Hey guys!  We’re excited to bring you gameplay of the new Commander 2020 pre-constructed decks that were just released a week ago.  We had the opportunity to work with Game Grid to release this gameplay as soon as possible, and we’re very excited to be able to bring this to you.

If you’re unfamiliar with Duel of the Peaks, it is our gameplay series consisting of a series of themed gameplay videos in which we have point challenges, and we are competing through the entire season to get the most points out of the four of us.  We have one (almost) every month, and this will be our fourth episode released so far.  I’d invite you to check out our channel and watch the others.

Anyways, we hope you enjoy this gameplay video.  Stay safe out there, and we hope you have fun with your new Commander 2020 decks.

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