Core Set Clash – Vito, Arcades, Rin and Seri, Kykar – Duel of the Peaks #6 – Command Valley

Hello everyone!  Peter here from Command Valley to present to you our sixth episode of Duel of the Peaks!  This is our gameplay series where we build decks and challenges for those decks around a theme for the month.  Those challenges give points to the players for completing them, and we’re tallying up the points over the entire 12 video series and will crown a champion at the end.  We’re already half way through the season, so if you’ve missed any of the previous videos, check them out on our channel!

This week on Duel of the Peaks, we’ve each taken a commander from a Core Set and built a deck around them, in honor of the release of Core Set 2021.  Griffin has chosen Rin and Seri, Inseparable and Landon has chosen Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose from the new core set.  Kaleb and I are going back to Core Sets 2020 and 2019 choosing Kykar, Wind’s Fury and Arcades, the Strategist, respectively.

We hope you enjoy the video and the many other videos we’ve released so far on our channel!  We also love to hear your feedback, so leave a comment letting us know what you liked or didn’t like from this gameplay!

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