Crusade League Final Details and Reference

We are T minus five days from the first pairings for our Crusade League going live, and as we’ve been taking a ton of suggestions from our community, it has come time to compile the final details, as we have worked them out.

Changes to the battle-ready rule

Beginning with 9th Edition, players have the opportunity to achieve 10 additional victory points for having a battle-ready army, that is an army fully painted and based. While I don’t necessarily believe this is a bad rule, I have had many people raise their concern to my attention that players who have been committed to the hobby for an extended period of time, or players who are able to invest excess time will gain an inherent advantage in the game over those who may be newer, or lack the time required for investment.

As this Crusade League is geared more towards a learning experience to grow our 40K community, we have decided that we will not be allotting the 10 additional victory points for battle-ready armies. Instead, a battle-ready unit will receive an additional experience point at the end of a game (only if it was in your army for the game), and the player will receive an additional entry into our raffle for each battle-ready unit in their Order of Battle at the end of each bi-weekly match.

This is a change that will still reward the hobbyists out there, but not harm the players who cannot invest the time. We landed on an additional experience because experience is a slow and incremental gain that won’t immediately disadvantage the other players, and we’re throwing in an extra raffle entry because, hey, those models look freaking sick and you deserve it.

Handling Matches and Reporting

The first pairings will go up on September 1st, being posted in the #40k-crusade-league channel of our Discord. It will be up to you to contact and arrange a time to play your match with your opponent. Once the match is over, the winner needs to report to either @GGWTSawyer, @GGChrisF, or @GameGridEvan.

In addition to your bi-weekly match, you are free to play up to 3 additional matches that you may organize with fellow league members. These 3 matches are only bi-weekly restrictions, meaning you will be paired once in the first half of the month, a second time in the second half, and are allotted 6 additional games you can play, for a total of 8 matches recorded on your Crusade Card for the month. Yes, if you only get 1 extra match in the first half, you can record 5 extra matches in the second half. These additional matches do not have to follow the Order of Battle and in-game army size restrictions as the paired matches do, rather decided by both players before hand.

Each of these extra matches needs to also be reported in so we can keep track of it all. If matches are not reported, or players are unable to get a hold of you, you will be dropped from the league, and all raffle tickets will be removed.

Crusade League Calendar

In order to give a better visual representation of when the different league activities will take place, I’m going to outline the timeline here and now along with the given Order of Battle and army size power level restrictions. Mind you, these are the base levels, so everyone will increase by 25 PL on a  monthly basis.

  • September 1st – OoB: 50 PL, 25 PL army, Round 1 pairings posted.
  • September 15th – OoB: 50 PL, 25 PL army, Round 2 pairings posted, raffle #1
  • September 29th OoB: 75 PL, 50 PL army, Round 3 pairings posted, raffle #2
  • October 13th OoB: 75 PL, 50 PL army, Round 4 pairings posted, raffle #3
  • October 27th OoB: 100 PL, 75 PL army, Round 5 pairings posted, raffle #4
  • November 10th OoB: 100 PL, 75 PL army, Round 6 pairings posted, raffle #5
  • November 21st Grand finale event, OoB: 125, 100 PL army, finale raffle

The Grand Finale will be the final event in the League as well as the final raffle give away. We’re planning on having a three round swiss style event, after which we will be awarding the final battle honors.

Raffle Details

I’ve kept mentioning it this whole article, but finally here we are at the juicy details we all want so badly. We will be hosting a bi-weekly raffle, as well as a grand finale raffle at the end of the League. Before we get into the winnings, let’s see the ways you get an entry:

  • Each match played will earn you 1 raffle entry.
  • Each match won will earn you 1 raffle entry.
  • Each battle-ready unit in your Order of Battle will earn you 1 raffle entry. The entries earned from this will be given once every paired match (two weeks) and requires sending a picture of them to me to revel in their glory! (DM pictures to @GGWTSawyer on Discord)

As for the prizes we will be giving out, our bi-weekly raffles will result in three total winners, each of which will receive $25 in store credit! Additionally, we will be hosting a grand finale raffle on November 21st. The raffle tickets you earn will stay in the pool through the end of the event, so don’t worry about losing your tickets after each week or anything. Finally, here is what you can win in the grand finale;

  • Grand Warlord – Awarded to first place in final standings at the end, based on match win percentage, winning $100 in store credit.
  • Best Painted – We will have judges on site on the day of the finale, and they will vote on a Best Painted army, the owner of which will receive $100 in store credit.
  • Community MVP – We will have the community vote on an individual  they think has done an excellent job helping the community grow, and is overall a wonderful player to have, be around, and play against. The real MVP will receive $100 in store credit.
  • Additional Misc. Winners – Five additional names will be drawn to win $60 in store credit during the finale.

I believe that just about wraps everything up! I’m super excited to get this league underway, and if you would like to sign up, be sure to join our Discord and @OfficialGGLehi with your name, faction, and experience level, and we’ll get you signed up! You can join late as well, you don’t have to start with everyone else.

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