ELD Standard: All You Can Eat Buffet

Welcome to Castle Vantress’ Buffet! We pride ourselves on having the freshest ingredients, and the spiciest meals in all of Eldraine! Today, we are having an artifact special, which is complemented by only the highest quality of meat. Please follow our Corridor Monitors to your designated seating, where you can begin your buffet. As your waiter, and as a Renowned Weaponsmith, I have a very intimate understanding of tonight’s special and I would like to personally introduce you to the courses we have at our buffet.

Renowned Weaponsmith

To begin, I would recommend trying our unique dish of Gilded Goose. This goose serves as a great appetizer and is a very tasty way to start off the night. This goose comes from a specialty farm high up in the clouds that only the best restaurants have access to. These geese also lay Golden Eggs that are unlike anything you have ever tried before, so be sure to grab one on your way back to your table.

Gilded Goose

Gilded Goose

To follow up the goose, I would like to propose that you taste our specialty fish soup. This fish is freshly caught from our nearby loch and is very difficult to catch as it lurks far beneath the surface. However, the taste is absolutely sublime and is an excellent choice for an artifact heavy meal. Be sure to season your soup with none other than our secret ingredient, Stonecoil Serpent. This seasoning is very unique and provides a delicious crunch that pairs wonderfully with the soup. 

Emry, Lurker of the Loch

For the main course, our master chef Oko has prepared a beautifully seared elk that is extremely tender, and tastier than anything you’ve ever had before. With the help of our unique restaurant Witch’s Oven, we can give you food that is simply enchanting. Wash it all down with water from our Witching Well, and your meal will be remembered for the rest of your life. 

Oko, Thief of Crowns

Now, I must admit we have never allowed this many centaurs into our buffet at once, but we trust that we will be able to provide more than enough food for all of you. Please be careful to not tear down our establishment, as we will kick you out for not respecting our wishes. Thank you for coming to Castle Vantress Buffet, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Rampage of the Clans


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