ELD Standard: Izzet Sundering Feat

Throne of Eldraine spoilers continue to roll out, and as is tradition with each spoiler season, I get hyped for Standard. Today I brewed up a deck two specific cards that got spoiled a few days ago. I know I’m not the first to think of this, but that doesn’t make this deck any less tasty.

Izzet Sundering Feat

It’s simple; we cast Irencrag Stroke into Sundering Feat. This won’t often times kill your opponent… Unless you can copy it with a Ral, Storm Conduit. The cool thing about Sundering Stroke is it can also hit any target, so if need be, you can simply wipe your opponents board. Expansion // Explosion is an alternative win condition as well that just kinda slots into the deck. Without further delay, let’s proceed to the breakdown.

The Core

The Core does not consist of the rotating blade mechanism that kills your opponent, The Core is the motor and oil that runs the engine. Without the card selection in Opt, Discovery, Radical Idea, and Narset, Parter of Veils, this deck could not function. They allow us to filter and sift to find the pieces we need. 

Card selection does not a good deck make however, and we wouldn’t be able to keep the engine running without the mana that Goblin Electromancer and Irencrag Feat provide.

The Support

Where would this deck be without our copy spells? Cards like Doublecast, Expansion, and Ral, Storm Conduit allow us to be degenerate. Whether we’re copying an Explosion, an Irencrag Feat, or a Sundering Stroke, it is a great spell to copy. Shock is the exception to this rule, but is still granted the title of a support card in this deck.

The Finishers

Ever stared down the barrel of a copied Explosion? For those of you who have, I’m sorry for your loss, and I’m excited to give you a brand new and fresh experience by staring down the barrel of a copied Sundering Stroke! Both of these cards can and will kill. Sundering Stroke is a little more versatile by being able to spot clean the board state if needed, but Explosion has the added factor of also being an Expansion.


That’s all I’ve got for today, as spoilers continue to roll out, the gears in my head continue to churn. Throne of Eldraine is on the horizon, and rotation is coming with it, so everything will be up in the air for the top deck come next month! Come join us for our prerelease events happening September 27-29 by preregistering here!