Escalating Age of Sigmar: My First 500 Points

With the Escalation League only two weeks away, it’s time to go into the tank on what I’m going to be bringing to the tables come our first round. I originally thought this would be a relatively easy task, but after doing a deep dive on the enumerate configurations and combinations I had available to me, I realized this was a task that would require more attention to detail than initially anticipated.

First, my race; Seraphon. For the unaware, the Seraphon are Aztek space lizardmen riding on dinosaurs. They draw their power from the stars to summon more of their own kind to battle. They’re cheeky for sure, but I approve of them and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I do want you to take what I’m doing here today with a grain of salt; I am very much so a new player to this game, and I anticipate that it will show. I’ve done the research necessary to formulate an opinion on my own army, as well as some basic strategy for it, but I am by no means an expert. As the escalation league continues and my army grows and my experience increases, I hope to become more knowledgeable on the topic. With that out of the way, on to my list.

The General: Skink Starpriest – 80 Points


The Seraphon have a Battle Trait called Celestial Conjuration, which allows you to collect points throughout the game and spend them to summon additional units to the field. This can only be done however if you have a General with the Slann type, and because of the point cost of Slann units, I do not have access to one, and thus cannot use Celestial Conjuration, thus being at a disadvantage. So the argument for who should be my general came down to two units; Skink Priest, or Skink Starpriest.

Skink Priests are a lot more mobile with a 14” move versus the Starpriest’s 5” move, and the Priests even have a Missile Weapon with an 18” range and a Melee Weapon, versus the Starpriest’s single Melee Weapon. The Skink Priests also have an ability called Celestial Rites, which allows me to re-roll run, charge and save rolls of a single unit within 8” of the Priest.

The Starpriest has a few upsides that I believe ultimately make it the correct choice however. First is its Serpent Staff ability, making any wound rolls from bite or jaws attacks deal double damage on a six for a unit within 8”. Considering every unit in my army has multiple bite or jaws attacks, this can do some serious damage. Summon Starlight is another ability the Starpriest has, allowing one of two things for a unit within 20”: if it’s a Seraphon unit, all attacks take a -1 to hit against the unit, and if it’s not a Seraphon unit, it takes -1 to hit on all the attacks it makes. This ability can either give a unit of mine insane survivability, or it buy me enough time to deal with a huge threat my opponent may have.

The final point that made me choose the Starpriest is the Master of Star Rituals Command Trait, which allows my general to use the Celestial Rites ability, meaning my Starpriest can have the ability of the Priest, without the movement and ranged attacks, which is a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

The Battleline: 2x Ripperdactyl Riders – 280 Points

Having a Skink Starpriest fielded with his Serpent Staff ability makes Ripperdactyl Riders a must. Ripperdactly Riders are a unit of three models, and have three different Melee Weapons: one attack from a War-Spear (Hit:4+, Wound:4+), three attacks from Slashing Claws (Hit:3+, Wound:3+), and one attack from a Vicious Beak (Hit:4+, Wound:3+). All of these weapons deal one damage and have no Rend. This may seem extremely weak, but there are a couple of abilities at play as well.

First and foremost is Toad Rage. With this ability, at the start of my first Hero Phase, I place a Blot Toad anywhere on the battlefield. The toad moves 1D6 every movement phase, and counts as a neutral unit towards both sides. Whenever a Ripperdactyl Rider attacks a unit within 2” of a toad, its Vicious Beak gets three attacks instead of the one.

Additionally, they have the Voracious Appetite ability, wherein anytime I score a successful hit with a Vicious Beak attack, I immediately roll an additional hit. This continues until I fail a hit attack. The icing on the cake however is their Swooping Dive ability, which allows me to re-roll any failed hit and wound rolls throughout the combat phase.

If my Skink Starpriest uses Celestial Rites and Serpents Staff on my Ripperdactyl Riders, and they attack a unit near a toad, a unit of three Ripperdactyl Riders will average 30 total attacks, with the ability to re-roll failed hit and wound rolls.

Behemoths: Troglodon – 140 Points

The Troglodon was the very first model I constructed, and I am an absolute fanboy for this unit. Troglodon isn’t fantastic at shoveling out damage, he is fantastic at locking problematic units into combat for a while however. With a move of 10” and a Missile Weapon with a range of 18” that adds 3” to his charge total in the following Charge Phase, Troggy is able to close a distance to an enemy unit with extreme speed.

Troggy has a Venomous Bite (Hit:4+, Wound:2+) Melee Weapon that attacks six times every combat for two damage per wound, which synergises well with the Starpriest’s Serpent Staff ability. Past that, he also has a Primeval Roar ability that subtracts one from the Bravery characteristic of each enemy unit within 8” of a Troglodon during the Battleshock Phase, making him extremely efficient at quickly dismantling units with large amounts of models.

Ideally, I’ll use my Hero Phase to put buffs on my Troglodon and Ripperdactyl Riders via my Skink Starpriest, I can then use my Lords of Space and Time Battle Trait (which allows me to teleport a single Seraphon unit anywhere on the battlefield no closer than 9” from an enemy unit) to put my Troglodon into the red zone to immediately lock down a unit of smaller models. In the meantime, my Ripperdatyl Riders with a 14” move can make for quick travel to a larger more problematic unit in order to make a large amount of attacks in the first combat in an attempt to neutralize or severely weaken the unit.

I’m extremely excited to see how this build plays out. It seems like a ton of fun and has the potential to do quite well, given the dice roll in my favor. Don’t miss out on our Age of Sigmar Escalation League! You can join by signing up through our Discord and don’t forget to join us Tuesday nights for Warhammer!

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