Game Grid Update – April 2020: COVID-19, Stay Home Stay Safe, Ikoria & More

Hello Fellow Gamers!

Just checking in to give you all an update on what’s going on at Game Grid Lehi and changes we’ve made because of Coronavirus & Utah’s Recommendations/Regulations.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

On March 27th, Utah Announced the Stay Home, Stay Safe Directive. This order is in effect until April 14th. The guidelines may be updated and the duration may be extended if necessary.
Here’s a quick summary:

  • Stay Home as much as possible
  • Socialize by Voice & Video Chat
  • Engage in Social Distancing
  • Follow Strict Hygiene Standards

Businesses are expected to:

  • Enable Social Distancing of 6ft+ for Employees & Customers
  • Provide necessary supplies for Employees & Customers to follow Strict Hygiene Standards
  • Only engage in Essential Business Activities


 Game Grid Lehi Updates

For In-Store Safety, Game Grid Lehi has responded in the following ways:

  • Play Area, Game Tables, & Rental Library closed to public use until April 14th (or until Stay Safe, Stay Home is no longer in effect)
  • Retail Space limited to 9 people – including staff
  • Hourly sanitation of commonly touched surfaces (doors, counters, etc.)
  • Hand Sanitizer used between each customer, and offered to customers if they would like
  • Sick Policy updated to allow for indefinite time off if an employee has any symptoms – and a minimum of 14 days off.

To encourage the “Stay Home” half of the platform, we have some exciting announcements:

    • Door Drop Delivery

      Get your order delivered with same day delivery straight to your door!
      A Board Game is the perfect way to break the monotony of Netflix & Video Games while you’re stuck at home.


    • Curbside Pick Up
      On your way home already?
      Place on order online and choose Curbside Pick Up to have your order brought to you when you arrive while you sit back, relax and wait in your car.


    • Full Inventory Available Online
      Finally, after years of requests and hundreds of hours of work, Game Grid has our entire inventory available online!
      You can shop at for anything & everything that we carry in-store.
      If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, give us a call & we’ll help you out over the phone.


    • Game Grid Lehi’s Discord Server

      To help everyone stay connected while their at home, Game Grid has launched a Discord Server.
      If you’ve never used Discord, or used a Video Chat to play games, we’ve put together a series of video tutorials to walk you through how everything works.
      Currently we are running our weekly Magic: the Gathering events using Discord & video chat services and…
      Tomorrow Night we’ll be hosting our first Discord Paint Night! Jump on to join the conversation while Evan (the best painter on staff!) shows you some sweet tricks & tips.
      We are working on adding support and events for additional Games & Hobbies – Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder should be available later this week.
      if you have any ideas on how to play your favorite game via video chat let us know!


    • Big Events, Online

      Game Grid is known for our larger-than-life events, there’s a reason we operate out of a warehouse :-D, and we plan to continue to support those events on our Discord Channel!
      Our first major event a Magic: the Gathering 1k this Saturday, and we are working on plans for other major events online as well.
      Depending on the duration of “Stay Home, Stay Safe”, we may even have our Ikoria Prerelease on Discord!


Additional Updates

    • Alliance Games Distributors is not shipping orders, with no specific date given for when they will resume.
      Alliance is the exclusive distributor of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Zombicide (CMON), and several other top games.
      Our current stock is all that will be available until they are open for business again.


    • Games Workshop is also not shipping, with no specific date given for when they will resume.
      Games Workshop is the supplier for Warhammer Products and Citadel Paints & Supplies.
      Our current stock is all that will be available until they are open for business again.


    • Wizards of the Coast has announced that Ikoria Release & Prerelease are postponed until May 15th.
      Game Grid is currently taking preorders, including Free Door Drop Delivery on release.
      Regardless of whether or not “Stay Home, Stay Safe” is still in effect, Game Grid will be offering Discord Prerelease and At Home Prerelease options.
      If “Stay Home, Stay Safe” is no longer in effect, or if the limitation on social gatherings is changed, we will also be holding in-store events.
      Discord & At Home prereleases may be exchanged for in person entry if we are allowed to have events at that time 🙂


Final Thoughts

First, I want to take a moment to say thank you – a large number of you have reached out to see how you can support the store and I deeply appreciate it. I am always grateful for your continued support and patronage, and it meant a lot to get those messages & calls while we were trying to figure out how to respond to everything happening. I hope that something we’ve changed will work for you and help you continue to stay in touch with other players, participate in your favorite hobby or play your favorite games.
If there is anything else that Game Grid could be doing, or if you have any feedback on our current changes, feel free to send me an email –

We take the health and happiness of our community very seriously. We have been responding to changes and updates from Utah, the CDC and the White House as rapidly as we can in order to make sure that we are doing everything possible to protect our players, our friends and our family. During this time, social distancing, “Stay Home, Stay Safe” and other measures are important to help flatten the curve and give our health care system time to respond.
Some may think that our games & hobbies are just about entertainment, a way to have fun. And while it’s true that playing games is a ton of fun, we also know that it is more than just entertainment. Games are about community, connection, friends and family. For some of us, Game Night (or Friday Night Magic) is our way of going out to socialize, meet new people and spend time with our friends. Being stuck at home can feel isolating make you feel disconnected.
That is why we are doing everything we can to help you connect – whether you join us on Discord, or have us deliver a new game to play with your family.
Because the people in our lives matter, the friends we have made and the community that we have built are important, and there is no reason for anyone to feel isolated – we’re all in this together.

Thank you again,
Game Grid Lehi
Jordan Bird

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