Game Grid Update – December 2018

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Christmas is our favorite time of the year, you get a few days off to spend with Family and Friends, maybe even play a game or two together. Of course, with the holidays there’s also gift giving and shopping!!
In the spirit of giving, not only are we giving awesome deals to all of our favorite customers, Game Grid Lehi is also sponsoring 3 different charities that you can give to – and we are matching all donations!
Plus you’ll get free raffle tickets every time you donate 😀

To get you started on everything happening at Game Grid, we’ve got all the links that matter right here:

  1. All Specials
    You’ll find everything you need to know about what’s new on this page-
    Including Special Events, Sales and Deals (Christmas??) and more.
  2. Christmas Raffle
    Our biggest and best raffle yet – with even more ways to win entries and prizes!
    Plus we are matching Donations to our sponsored charities!
  3. Magic Singles Inventory
    If you’re wondering how to buy cards – it’s here and now it’s faster than ever before!
    Of course, we are still delighted to help you in person and see your beautiful face.

In particular, I want to invite all of you to three new events:
1. Board Game Night!
Wednesday night is a great time to get away from the stress of everything going on and escape into an awesome game or two!

2. Standard Peasant+
Starting on Thursday 12/20 Game Grid is hosting an exciting new event for Magic: The Gathering! Check it all out here.

3. Christmas Chaos Draft!
A long standing tradition at Game Grid, the Christmas Chaos Draft is the can’t miss event of the holidays!
And this year is even better – introducing Chaos Two Headed Giant!!

Additionally, I’d like to invite all of you to take some time to browse through the work of our three authors:

-TuesdayTastic has been writing about MTG and DnD for a while, and his articles are both entertaining and informative, a great insight into the worlds you can create with DnD and the hobby of MTG.

-Rainer Alhfors is a representative for NSKN games and will be contributing weekly articles summarizing games that he enjoys – new and old. Every Wednesday he is also part of our Board Game Night, so if you enjoy his writing, be sure to stop in and play some games!

-William Sawyer is an employee of Game Grid who writes about Magic: The Gathering – specifically Modern & Temur. If you want to know how to lose with style and grace, Will is your go-to guide!

Want to become a Game Grid Guide and reach our audience with your work?
Shoot us an email – – with a sample of your writing and we’ll let you know what it takes to get started!

Finally – for those that read this far –
We have a great offer for some free Holiday Gift Bags when you shop at Game Grid!
Make sure to get the code word off of our special offers page for next time you shop with us!

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