Game Grid Update – March 2019

Hello Fellow Gamers!

Just two quick things to update everyone on for the month of March –
Alpine Gaming Con – Saturday, March 9th
Modern $1k+ – Saturday, March 23rd

All About Alpine Gaming Con:

You may remember our 24-hours-of-gaming-for-a-cause last October – well, it’s back, and better than ever, as Alpine Gaming Con.
AGC is 12 hours of board gaming, mini painting, role-playing, video games, tabletop war games, and more-
All while being an awesome Fundraiser for Lehi, Lone Peak & Skyridge High School Board Game Clubs!

There will be dozens of volunteers on hand to teach you awesome new games, how to paint the perfect mini, or lead you on a new adventure!!
Plus, Game Grid Lehi is hosting an incredible Raffle with over $800 of board games being given away!!!
Get a Raffle Ticket for every $1 you donate to the school of your choice, donate $10 or more & get 5 bonus tickets!!!!

The whole schedule is here, but I wanted to call out a few special events that will be happening during AGC:

11am – Smash Up All Star Event:
During Alpine Gaming Con, you can learn to play this awesome game and play in an All Stars Event!
All Stars will compete to win a HUGE Smash Up Table Mat to take home with them!
Get other sweet promo items even if you don’t take first.
Learn to Play is free for all, if you want to enter the All Stars Event, just make a donation to one of our participating High School Game Clubs!

2pm – Ravnica Flashback Two-Headed Giant Draft:
Join us for this one time special event during Alpine Gaming Con –
2 Headed Giant Ravnica Flashback Draft!
Each team will draft 1 pack of Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, Dragon’s Maze, Guilds of Ravnica & Ravnica Allegiance and then build the best possible deck out of all the madness!
Can you and your teammate merge the synergies of the guild across the years?

3pm – Keyforge Learn to Play & Chainbreaker Event:
Pick up some sweet KeyForge Promos & Learn to play this exciting new game during Alpine Gaming Con at Game Grid Lehi!!
From 3pm – 7pm we’ll have volunteers on hand to teach you how to play KeyForge, and run a small tournament for experienced players!
Learning to play?
Get a sweet lanyard just for trying it out!
Playing in the tournament?
Win a Sweet Poster!

5pm – Arkham Horror Invocation:
Join your fellow investigators tonight as you battle your way through The Eternal Slumber!
New to Arkham Horror & wanting to learn how to play?
Just show up and one of our experienced investigators will lend you a deck, teach you how to play, and get you playing this awesome story driven game.
Plus get a sweet promo postcard for learning the game!
Invocation Promo Kits are available as an optional purchase for the Playmat, Dividers & Scenario deck.
Promos are limited, but Investigators are not, so feel free to stop in and shuffle up your favorite Investigator Deck!

5pm – Blood Rage Game Night:
Game Night for Blood Rage – the greatest drafting & territory control game ever!!
Crush your opponents on your way to victory & pick up some sweet promo items as your prize for proving worthy!
Want a full set of promo clan markers?
Make a donation to one of the High School Game Clubs to take home the whole set!
Need the exclusive First Player Marker?
You’ll have to outwit your opponents and take top 4 in the event!

7pm – DC Deck Building Tournament:
The DC Deck Building Game is an amazing Deck Building Game of Super Heroes and Villains competing for ultimate victory!
Play as your favorite Villains and Heroes as you craft the best deck to take down the bad guys!
During Alpine Gaming Con, you can learn to play this awesome game from one of our volunteers (skip the rulebook!) and play in a DC Deck Building Tournament!!
At the tournament, players will compete to win an exclusive DC Super Hero Playmat to take home with them!
Get other sweet promo items even if you don’t take first!
Learn to Play is Free, if you want to enter the tournament, just make a donation to one of our participating High School Game Clubs!

It wouldn’t be a Game Grid Update if we didn’t have a premier Magic Event to talk about!!

Our Modern $1k+ events are the highlight of every season, with 60+ players playing out for over $1000 of prize support!!

Do you have what it takes to crush the competition?

Is your Brew the best Brew?
Or have you mastered the meta??
Then you belong at the $1k+!

Register Today!