and always adding more!Game Grid Lehi offers a ton of ways to learn and play new games – which is a good thing, because there are always more games coming out!

We’ve all had that experience – you read all of the reviews, watched a ton of videos, got all hyped up… and then you’re let down, disappointed. Maybe the game wasn’t for you after all, maybe your friends hated it, or it took way too long. Whatever the reason, at some point you realized you just weren’t having fun!

And that is exactly why we offer so many demo games, and we even rent them so that you can take them home to play!
Because there’s nothing worse than a game gathering dust in your closet, never to be played again, always reminding you of that miserable night.

Make sure that your games are all a hit by trying them out first!

Here’s how it works:

1. In Store Play-
Bring your group to Game Grid, grab a table and play games anytime!
We’re open 7 days a week, and usually until 11pm or later!

2. Board Game Night-
Every Wednesday we have 2 or more volunteers show up to teach and play new board games.
Meet new friends, or bring in the whole family and have fun playing a new game!

3. Board Game Rentals-
Try a new game at home!
It’s only $5 to rent a game for a week, and when you return it we add $5 credit to your account.

Want to check and see if we have a game to play?
Give us a call – (801) 477-7680,
Send us an email –,
Check our online list (Missing some new arrivals!), or
Come on over and check out the Library in person!


Board Game Rentals are limited to 1 per family per week.
Some Games have too many pieces to rent out and are only available to play in store – join us for Game Night on Wednesday or stop in anytime to play!
If you don’t like the game you rent, you are welcome to swap it for a different rental game during the 7 days.
Right now there are no late fees, please don’t be the person who ruins that. If you can’t return a game on time, call ahead and we’ll extend your rental for free!