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Its Monday… and you know what that means… DECK TECH TIME! (Insert mild cheers). Man has it been a crazy week, and to help with all the emotions and feelings all over the internet, let’s just delve into our favorite card game and a deck tech I am very excited about, Jegantha, the Wellspring. One of the ten companions from Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths. The name of this deck is simply “Five Color Good Stuff” or “WUBRGing”. Our aim is to fill this deck with as many powerful spells with lots of mana pips to cast with Jegantha. This deck is especially great for new or inexperienced players as it a straight forward strategy that is fun for any seasoned player, the reason I really love this deck!

I have split this deck into 4 strategies or 4 steps to help you and I to make the deck come together. These steps in order are mana ramp, redundancy, WUBRGing, and card draw. Our goal is to get win by simply overpowering the board with massive board states that can be easily rebuilt. So let’s jump into it with step numero uno… Mana ramp.

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Step 1. Mana Ramp

Most of the decks I build have large amounts of ramp in them and you might be thinking “Griffin, obviously you want to ramp, why include it as a step?” The answer is that I include mana ramp as a step or category in decks when it’s more needed than usual. For Jegantha we want to

A. Ramp into him as early as possible to start casting big spells, and

B. to have access to all five colors without Jegantha so we can still function without him!

Because we are playing green this deck is highly focused on having green mama for all of or ramp spells an its very important you have a green source in your opening hand. Our spells included are:

With this mana ramp spells we are assured to be able to find all of the 5 colors of mana and also assure even without Jegantha we will have plenty of mana to cast this big awesome spells. I will stress this point that we don’t want to rely on just Jegantha to give us the mana we need. It’s almost more important to have access to WUBRG first so your opponents won’t see Jegantha as an enabler, but as an assister, which may help him stick around longer.

Next up we have the redundancy step. In this section I have included two different types of cards. Ones that allow us to untap our commander and the other to help us cast the big spells easier and more efficiently. It’s very important that we keep our hands full of cards but it’s even more important to have access to the mana to cast multiple spells per turn over and over.

2. Redundancy

We have a bunch of spells that will help us untap Jegantha and use her over and over again.  You may have seen in my Zaxara deck tech that Freed from the Real was a key piece for getting infinite mana.  Jegantha operates largely the same, except we can’t use any of that mana for generic mana costs, so we can’t really go infinite with her.

Both Jodah and Fist of Suns out with our commander allows us to tap Jegantha to cast ANY spell, and if we can untap him multiple times per turn, we are in business. Some of these cards are more expensive such as Intruder Alarm and Thousand-Year Elixir, but they are well worth it in this deck if you can afford it. If not there are plenty of other budget untap shenanigans such as Puppet Strings and Unbender Tine.


3. Five Color Good Stuff

Now for the most exciting part of this deck, the Five Color Good Stuff. I have essentially packed this deck full of my favorite 3 or more colored spells that are just so powerful and fun to play. You can definitely take our or add in whatever multi colored spells you want as there is no combo to look for.

In our Five Color spells, we have them here to take the most advantage out of Jegantha’s tap ability as possible.  I especially like the Bringer of the Dawn cycle of cards from Fifth Dawn, because they’ve got especially powerful abilities that we can play by just tapping Jegantha.  I’ve included four of the five in my deck list.

Conflux is also a notably powerful card in this selection; tapping Jegantha and 3 lands gets you 5 cards from your library, and with the number of multicolored spells you have, most likely you’re going to get everything you want.


4 and 3 Color Spells

A lot of the time there are spells that have amazing abilities but too many colors or the wrong colors to play in most decks that want them.  Fortunately, a five color deck doesn’t care about that and we can play as many of those as we want!  The Ultimatum cycle is a notable one here; having the ability to play all of the Ultimatums without restriction is very useful.

Rienne, Angel of Rebirth is also a fantastic include here.  Every single one of the creatures in this deck (minus a couple utility and ramp creatures) are multicolored, and the ability to recur them and pump them up is especially useful here.

Again, this list is not the verified top powered list of multi-colored cards, simply ones I absolutely love. That’s the best part of this deck is that you can always change which amazing spells you put in and take out all the time! A forever changing and forever fun commander deck. you can do it the way you want to and have a blast doing it.

Lastly we want to make sure our hand is filled with the cards to play and keep the value train a chuggin’. There are lots of options you can use depending on your budget, for instance obviously Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora are amazing draw engines. But here are a few great budget options for you to choose from.

4. Card Draw

That’s it for the four steps to the “Five Color Good Stuff” or “WUBRGing” deck brought to you by yours truly at the Command Valley! We really appreciate all of you for supporting us and our channel and if you haven’t yet please subscribe to our YouTube channel! We are less than 200 away from 1000 subscribers and that is just incredible! For a full deck list look below this post to see the interaction and removal spells included. Let us know what you think and stay super safe out there! Griffin out.




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