Junk Art Overview


Why do we play board games? Some might argue that is has to do with a subconscious desire to revisit our childhood. Ok, I don’t know if anyone has ever thought that. But if I had to choose a single style of game that best reflects each and every childhood it has to be dexterity games. And when it comes to dexterity games Junk Art is one of the best.


Junk Art lets each of us live the luxury life of a traveling artist. Your medium of choice, junk. So it’s kind of a stretch, but they tried, right? While you may not feel like a globetrotting artist you definitely will feel that each round you are creating something great out of a seemingly useless pile of junk.


The game is played over a series of rounds, each one taking place in a different iconic city around the world. The same card containing the rounds current city will also explain the game rules specific to that city. Amsterdam will see players playing a trick taking card game to select their pieces. Tokyo lets you draft the different pieces you play. And Pisa will allow players to all contribute to a giant communal sculpture. Regardless of the city, the entire game revolves around you stacking an assortment of absurd shaped pieces. 


When it comes to dexterity games, there really aren’t many games that try to push the limits of stacking awkward things. Junk Art goes the extra step of giving 10 different games. Each one feels fresh and different. But what’s truly amazing is how each city still provides the tension you only get when placing your pieces and the laughter you that ensues when they all come crashing down. To date I have not played a game of Junk Art that didn’t leave smiles on the faces of everyone sitting around the table.

For You?

Do you like acting like a kid? Do you find it funny to see your friends panic? Do you believe you could have been a surgeon in another life? If you said yes to any of these. Give the game a go. If you said yes to all three I bet you already own Junk Art. But if you’re one who gets frustrated easily or if you live an die for the thrill of competition then the game will probably end up as an exercise in frustration. Either way, it’s undeniable that Pretzel Games has an impressive lineup of dexterity games with Junk Art, Flick ‘Em Up, and Men at Work. Hopefully at least one of these can find its way into your game collection.