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Happy Star Wars day! Griffin here with Command Valley. In celebration of such an important day, we have another Quick Deck Upgrade for you all! Today I’ll be giving you my “15 in 15 out” recommendations for the Symbiotic Swarm deck, led by Kathril, Aspect Warper. Please remember these are just 15 quick cards you can grab at Game Grid to make this deck stronger, not the only cards and not the absolute best cards, just easy to get and awesome cards I thought would help the deck out! So let’s start with the 15 cards I took out,

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I won’t go into too much details about why I took these out, but generally speaking these cards either fit better in other decks, or there were better cards to put in. So let’s talk about the 15 cards I recommend adding to your Symbiotic Swarm deck.


Skull Prophet

New addition from Ikoria, Skull Prophet is the perfect card for this deck. A telltale sign of a good card is if it does two things you want, Skull Prophet allows you to both ramp and start filling your graveyard which is the real goal of this deck.


Fauna Shaman

One of the more scary cards you can see in commander, and a very good include. The ability to tutor any creature by discarding a creature is a two for one benefit in the deck. We want to be discarding and dropping creatures into the graveyard and filling it up for either Kathril or one of our win cons. Let alone how powerful it is to tutor any creature you need at instant speed.


Underrealm Lich

My favorite Golgari card from GOR, this powerful monster feels like a Sylvan Library. You can bet that he can get out of hand when you are drawing multiple cards a turn. Think about a card like  with Underrealm Lich out. You will dig 9 cards into your library and drop 6 into your graveyard. That handpicking of cards is how we get the most important creatures with keywords into our graveyard.


Stinkweed Imp  and Golgari Grave-Troll

Dredge is and has always been one of the best graveyard mechanics that feels great to abuse. Kathril wants us to get as many cards into our graveyard as possible, and both these creatures have high dredge counts, making them some of the best cards in our decks.


Carnage Tyrant

The bane to my Esper control deck during the Ixalan block, this beefy dinosaur has two keywords that we definitely want. Having hexproof is in my opinion the most important keyword, just above indestructible. When Kathril comes out, if Carnage Tyrant is in the Graveyard, then you are set for some powerful attacks.


Eternal Witness

I will always recommend putting an eternal witness into any green deck. Even in decks that aren’t abusing the graveyard, you need to have some recursion if things don’t go as planned! For this deck Eternal Witness just gets better and better.


Doom Whisperer

The “Surveil” mechanic was Dimir’s new tool for its own graveyard shenanigans, and from that we got Doom Whisperer. Not only does he have flying and trample, two keywords we care about, but he allows you to trade life or recourses. Dumping cards  graveyard at instant speed for only two life is absurd and there’s no better place for this bad boy.


Buried Alive

Having this card in your opening hand is going to be the best feeling, start off the game with having three handpicked creatures in your graveyard. Get any keywords you want, indestructible, hexproof, double strike, all up to you! A fantastic slot to help make casting Kathril more consistently with the best creatures in your graveyard!


Jarad’s Orders

Another very good and useful tutor that puts a creature into your hand and one into your graveyard. Having a card like this makes games feel a lot safer, especially if you need a creature out on the battlefield and none in your hand!


Final Parting

I really love this card as it is very similar to Jarad’s Orders, but can get you any card into your hand and into your graveyard. You can think of this as an extension of your win conditions because it can grab them for you and put the best creature into your graveyard.


Death’s Oasis

Since we are playing a graveyard matters deck, we don’t always want to trust that Kathril will let us take out every opponent. The best thing we can do is make sure we have value engines like Deaths Oasis, bringing creatures back constantly and out-valuing our opponents without even needing Kathril!


Now let’s talk about the win conditions I talked about earlier. Kathril is obviously very strong, but we don’t want all of our faith in him, we want the deck to be flexible, and the best way to take advantage of already putting creatures into our graveyard is by bringing them back!

Living Death

Rise of the Dark Realms

Eerie Ultimatum

These three cards will be absolutely bonkers for you after you’ve dropped twenty plus creatures into your graveyard, and even without Kathril will help you win the game!


Hope you enjoyed the cards I chose to upgrade the Symbiotic Swarm deck and hopefully gave you guys ideas on more cards to make the deck your own! If you haven’t already please check us out on YouTube and give us a subscribe, it helps out a lot. Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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