Kess, Dissident Mage EDH Deck Tech – Command Valley

Hey guys!  Landon here with Command Valley, bringing you a Monday deck tech.  Command Valley is a podcast/YouTube channel focusing on EDH content.  Every week, one of the members of our crew builds a new EDH deck, exploring all avenues of strategy and budget in search for the best commander cards to upgrade your decks.  We also produce gameplay videos, set reviews, and more general podcasts discussing EDH gameplay and best practices.

This is an adaptive Grixis combo deck that plays a ton of interaction and mana rocks. This is not a budget deck, but it’s also not budget less; it’s a list I’ve been running for a while with cards I had in my binder, and I really have enjoyed it. You will enjoy this deck if you like wacky storm turns, flexible interaction and spell slinging strategies. You won’t like/maybe shouldn’t play this deck if your playgroup frowns on infinite combos and tutoring.

We hope you enjoy the video, and check out the deck list below if any of the cards discussed in the video interest you!


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