Magic: In-Store Play Suspension Temporarily Reinstated in US + Summer Giveaway DOUBLE UP!

Hello Fellow Magic Players-

By now I’m sure that you have already read the news, but if you haven’t, here it is:

Wizards of the Coast has decided to suspend official In-Store Play until at least 9/9.ย 


What does that mean?


  • Playing Magic at Game Grid Lehi

    • Magic Events will be run on Discord via Webcam (again)

      • There are 8 stations with Webcams in-store, ready for you to use so you can join our Discord Events
    • Casual play is still a-ok

      • Want to come jam some commander? Have a group you want to draft with?
        Reserve a table for your group to play in-store!
    • Updated Schedule

      • Commander –

        • Wednesday & Friday @ 5:30pm via Discord
        • Saturday @ 11:30am via Discord
      • Modern –

        • Wednesday & Friday @ 7pm via Discord
      • Pioneer –

        • Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm via Discord
      • Standard (Paper) –

        • Wednesday & Friday @ 7pm via Discord
      • Limited –

        • Sealed League TBA
        • Casual Drafts supported in-store
    • Updated Prize Support

      • Get an Entry to our Summer Giveaway for Every Discord Event you play!

      • Modern, Pioneer & Standard (Paper)

        • Undefeated – 1 Premium Promo Pack + 1 Promo Pack!
        • Win all but 1? – 2 Promo Packs!
        • Play all 3 rounds? – 1 Promo Pack!
      • Commander

        • Win your Pod – 1 Premium Promo Pack!
        • Play any Pod – 1 Promo Pack!

Summer Giveaway DOUBLE UP!

With all of our Discord Events giving out entries to the Summer Giveaway, I thought we had better include an upgrade to the prizes we are giving out as well!

Grand Prize Giveaway

4x Double Masters VIP Boosters!



1x Secret Lair Ultimate – All 5 Fetchlands!


Next 5 Winners




  • Secret Lair – Theros Stargazing Vol 1 (Heliod)

  • Secret Lair – Theros Stargazing Vol 2 (Thassa)

  • Secret Lair – Theros Stargazing Vol 3 (Erebos)

  • Secret Lair – Theros Stargazing Vol 4 (Purphoros)

  • Secret Lair – Theros Stargazing Vol 5 (Nylea)


Plus a Signature Spellbook: Chandra to 10 other winners!



Alright, here’s a brief run-down of my thoughts on why we are running things the way that I’ve described. You are welcome to totally ignore this section, there isn’t any relevant changes to Game Grid or the Summer Giveaway, just my rambling, slightly derailed, train of thought on everything.


Why are we allowing casual groups to come in at all, and what’s the difference between a casual group drafting and Game Grid Lehi running a draft?

As I’ve said from the beginning of Utah re-opening, you all have been awesome – because of your support, opening our tables for play is not a financially based decision and I am still forever grateful for that.
Our tables are staying open for casual groups because there are real mental health consequences to being isolated at home, with no social outlet, and for a lot of us gaming & Magic are the way we socialize. Yes, a group of friends could get together and play at their own home, but there is something different about being out of the house and getting together to play.
My goal is to continue to provide a safe experience for anyone and everyone in the community that needs an escape from being stuck at home.
The key difference in our change is that we will not be creating match-ups between players. In particular, we won’t be putting together draft pods. The idea behind this change is that if a group comes into the store to play at our tables, it’s likely that they are already in contact with each other outside the store. However, when we put together an event or a draft, we are creating an environment where players from different groups, who would likely have never come in contact, are now going to be in constant contact for 2-4 hours. With the number of cases drastically escalating in Utah, the risk is not worth the community benefit of organizing un-official events in store.


Why Now and when will Game Grid Lehi change again?

According to Dr. Angela Dunn – the state’s top epidemiologist – Utah needs to be averaging less than 200 cases per day to avoid moving back up to Orange. Since I am definitely not an expert, that is my “line in the sand.” My biggest fear is that someone will get sick at my store. I can’t imagine how devastating it would be to feel responsible for allowing that to happen. And yes, we are requiring masks, and hand sanitizer, and limiting group sizes, but with each new case in Utah, the odds that someone is contagious goes up and no prevention method is 100% guaranteed.

Once Utah is back down to 200 cases on a 7 day average, Game Grid Lehi will host un-official events, including Draft.
Until then, we will follow all state guidelines, require masks, and keep our tables open for casual play.

That’s my official/personal risk-tolerance level. There are definitely players who will disagree – in both directions – but ultimately that’s where I’ve settled on the matter and you are welcome to reach out to me personally if you want to have a longer conversation about it.


What’s up with all the promo packs and the Summer Giveaway being so big??
Phew, something more positive to write about ๐Ÿ˜€

It turns out, when you don’t have 100+ players every FNM, you end up with a lot of leftover promo packs.
And it is ridiculously important to me that we do everything possible to continue to support our community as safely as possible.
Right now, that means playing events via webcam, and building up our Discord events so that we all have a way to keep playing our favorite game.
I know there’s a lot of friction when it comes to playing via Discord – it can be impossible to find a webcam, it’s not quite the same as playing in person, and tech issues are a pain in the butt.
That being said, we have no idea how long Wizards is going to suspend in-store play, we don’t know if Utah is going to have to lockdown again, and we have no idea how long everything is going to be impacted by COVID-19.
That all adds up to remote play being a vital part of Magic for the foreseeable future.
For those on the fence about playing via webcam, the extra prizes are my way of getting you to take a chance on it.
For those already setup to play on Discord, the extra prizes are my way of saying thank you for being part of our online community.

At the end of the day, all of our prize support has always been about building the biggest player base, having the best events and saying thank you to everyone who plays at Game Grid Lehi.
Right now we are shifting to a primarily online event model, and I want all of you to join us – and get awesome free cards too ๐Ÿ™‚


Alright, I think that covers all of my thoughts and all of the changes.
As always, you’re welcome to hit me up via FB, Discord, or email ( if you have any questions or want to give feedback on anything at all.

Stay Safe and we’ll see you on Discord ๐Ÿ™‚


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