Magic: Love Your Local Game Store Promos & Sealed League!

Hello Fellow Magic Players!

After countless requests for more info about the Love Your Local Game Store Promos, we finally have all the answers (I think?)

For anyone who hasn’t heard about this awesome promo package here’s the official article from Wizards of the Coast
And, more importantly, here are the awesome promo cards & art!

How do you get your hands on these exclusive items?

  • Reliquary Tower Promo
    • Buy Any Sealed Magic Product!
  • Mechagodzilla Buy a Box Promo!
    • Buy Any Booster Box or 6 Ikoria Prerelease Kits
  • Exclusive Vivien Art Print
    • Join our Love Your Local Game Store Pick-Yer-Poison Sealed League! (LYLGSPYPSL)
  • Exclusive Godzilla Art Poster!
    • Win the LYLGSPYPSL!

Love Your Local Game Store Pick-Yer-Poison Sealed League

All The Info

  • Join the League!
  • Find Your Matchups!
    • Get 5 Pairings on Friday 6/19
    • Pairings Posted on Discord, use Discord to chat with your opponents and find a time/place to play
  • Play Anywhere, Anytime!
    • Finish your 5 matches by Friday 6/26
    • Meet up & play in person
    • Play online via Discord or Spelltable
      • Need a computer to play online? Use ours!
  • Report Your Wins!
    • Report in Person
    • Use Google Forms to Report Your Results
  • Win Prizes!!
    • 1st Place
      • Exclusive Godzilla Art Poster! + Prize Packs!!
    • Top 16
      • Exclusive Vivien Art Print! + Prize Packs!!
    • 14 Random Lucky Players
      • Exclusive Vivien Art Print!
    • Everyone
      • Reliquary Tower Promo!

Final Thoughts:
Love Your Local Game Grid

Throughout the Pandemic, several players have reached out to ask us the best way to help Game Grid.
First of all, thank you!
It means the world to me that you care about Game Grid and want to make sure we’ll still be here when the dust settles. I guarantee we aren’t going anywhere πŸ™‚

To answer you question, there are 3 things that will help us out the most:

  • Play in events!
    • Whether you join us on Discord, Twitch, or in-store, helping keep our community together & growing is always our #1 priority.
  • Build Decks & Order Singles!
    • Because we offer the best possible trade-in value for cards, a lot of our collection is built through trades.
    • That means that our revenue can be focused on paying our staff & keeping the lights on, instead of paying to restock the shelves πŸ™‚
  • Clear Out Overstock!
    • As you may know, Game Grid runs a ton of in-store events and we order a ton of boosters for our events – especially Prerelease!
    • With in-store play unavailable for Ikoria, we ended up with ~200 leftover Prerelease Kits (BTW, huge thank you to everyone, we initially had over 600 kits!)
    • Buying our overstock helps us free up money we’ve already spent so that we can get ready to order in even more Prerelease Kits for Core Set 2021 πŸ˜€

With that in mind, if you want to get your promos & help us out at the same time here’s the best way to do both:

One Last Thing – 6 Prerelease kits is 36 Boosters (the same as a Booster Box) plus 6 Prerelease Promos (guaranteed foil rares?!?) but adds up to a lot more than a Box ($150 vs $110!)
To help you help us, we’re offering a super sweet deal –
On top of the Mechagodzilla Promo, we’re also doing Buy 5, Get 1 Free on Ikoria Prerelease Kits – $125, only $15 more than a Box to get 36 Packs AND 6 Prerelease Promos!
(Plus everyone knows that Prerelease Boosters are extra lucky and Wizards puts more Mythics in Prerelease Kits :-P)


Like I said, I guarantee that we aren’t going anywhere.
You all have been amazing, playing in our events, preordering boxes & picking up singles to build decks. (Even when we didn’t know when we would have in-store events again!)

If you want to pick up a single booster pack & snag a Reliquary Tower Promo that is totally fine and we’re happy to get you a promo.
If you prefer a sealed box of Ikoria over 6 Prerelease Kits, that’s also a-ok with us.
Wizards sent us these promos for free, and we are happy to give them out to anyone that is showing their support in anyway that they can.

On the other hand, if you love Prerelease Kits + Promos, Playing Sealed & Pick-Yer-Poison, or Winning Art Prints & Posters, we’d be thrilled to have you get your promos that way too πŸ™‚


Well, there’s all the info, thanks, once again, for reading through my ramblings!

Hope to see you in our LYLGSPYPSL or at the Core Set 2021 Prerelease!!

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