Magic Summer Giveaway

Hello Again Fellow Magic Players!

Ready for something exciting??
How about our Largest Giveaway EVER?!?

Get Ready For The….

Yup, you got that right, we are giving away 10x Chandra Signature Spellbooks, 1x of each Secret Lair Ultimate Fetch Land and the Grand Prize…

A Box of 4 Double Masters VIP Boosters!

The Summer Giveaway takes place on Friday, August 7th – Winners will be posted at 11am.
You can start getting entries today, giving you just over a month to get as many as possible so you’ll have the best shot at winning!

Here’s how to enter-

  • Jumpstart Launch Party!
    • Join us for Jumpstart Launch Events to get even more entries!!
    • More Details To Be Announced

Plus, comment on the Facebook Post for this article to get your first entry!

We’ll have more events that give out entries over the summer, and we’ll be sure to announce them so you don’t miss out.
We’ll also be adding to the Giveaway over the summer too.
Maybe a box of Jumpstart? More Double Masters? Another Secret Lair Ultimate?
Anything is possible šŸ™‚


Good Luck to All, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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