Magic: the Networking

Magic: The Networking is a massive, one-day-only Magic: The Gathering & Networking event for Tech Professionals & Students interested in career opportunities and development in their field.

At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to visit booths set up by local tech companies & learn about what they offer, network with other tech professionals & students to find out about opportunities and develop your career, and – of course, play Magic!

There will be a Ravnica Allegiance Draft 11am, 3pm, & 7:30pm – each pod will have current employees from a variety of different companies and students currently studying tech & computer science. This gives all of us a unique chance to talk about what it is like to work in the industry, what job/internship opportunities are available, how to crush your next interview, and even get references for future applications. The best part – you’re all starting out on common ground, because you already know that everyone at your table plays Magic!

Above and beyond the draft:
When you check-in for your flight, you’ll be given a “Swag Bag” with Sleeves, Pen + Life Pad, “Stress” Dice, and a scavenger hunt ticket!
What’s the scavenger hunt?
Visit each of the companies represented at Magic; the Networking & get their stamp on your ticket – turn in a completed ticket to get a free Ravnica Allegiance Booster Pack!
Plus when you beat an employee from Henry Schein you’ll get a Free Booster Pack!
And of course, winning the draft counts for something as well – each round you win, you’ll get 1 pack of Ravnica Allegiance as Prize Support from Game Grid.

Final Note:
Space is limited at this event! Make sure you use the link to preregister and reserve your seat!! See you all at the Draft.

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