Modern Monday: Heartbeat Combo

The weather recently has indicated that it is, in fact, winter. It’s at times like these when we need thoughts of spring and warmth in our minds the most. There is only one correct way that we will be able to channel the inspirations of the season into our hearts, and the setup it takes is astounding.

Heartbeat Combo

William Sawyer


Here’s how we do this:

  1. Stick a Heartbeat of Spring to the battlefield.
  2. Get eight basic lands onto the battlefield.
  3. Float 16 mana.
  4. Cast a Gifts Ungiven, getting Recollect, Revive, Early Harvest and Seasons Past. No matter what piles your opponent chooses, you’ll get at least one graveyard recursion spell. Usually this will be Recollect because it’s more costly than Revive, and Seasons Past nets more card advantage.
  5. Cast Recollect to get back Seasons Past from the graveyard.
  6. Cast Seasons Past to get back Revive, Early Harvest, and Gifts Ungiven.
  7. Cast Early Harvest to untap your lands with the last of your mana.

From here, you can loop this process an infinite amount of times. You get to use Revive rather than Recollect after the first loop, meaning you net one mana every loop. In terms of what to get with Gifts Ungiven in future loops, it doesn’t matter so long as you’re getting a Seasons Past with it. On your last loop after you have acquired infinite mana, you get a Blue Sun’s Zenith (either from Gifts Ungiven or by naturally finding it) and cast it on your opponent to have them draw their deck.

This is the deck that U/R Gifts Storm wishes that it was.

The deck idea originated in 2005 when the deck was a Standard combo. It has since been integrated into Modern in a few different ways by a few different people, but this is how I would build the deck. The deck unfortunately suffers from many shortcomings.

The deck is extremely weak to aggressive decks, as well as any deck that runs counter spells, as well as hand disruption. Really, it’s weak to most forms of interaction. Most of the time, however, your opponent will usually make incorrect choices simply due to inexperience against the deck. I have won many a game one with this deck.

The sideboard is pretty straight forward with what you want to be doing. Obstinate Baloths for hand disruption and aggressive decks, Gaea’s Revenge to murder control players, Ravenous Trap for the graveyard interaction you need without stressing your colors or hurting your own graveyard, and Heroic Intervention and Aetherspouts for added protection when you need it.

In terms of the amount of enjoyment received for the cost of the deck, this is one of my best purchases. The deck is hilarious, and a blast to play. I wouldn’t recommend sleeving this up for any competitive tournaments, but if you’re on your way to a Modern FNM, I would highly recommend picking it up.

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