Modern Monday: November 26 BnR Announcement

Well, It’s finally here, and is this one a shocker.

No changes to any formats.

As disappointed as I am, there’s not a shred of surprise in me. I was really hoping for something to be un-banned, but weren’t we all? Its fortunate, at the very least, that nothing got banned. I don’t think that there is a deck in the format right now that warrants a banning out of it, so it would have been quite a shock to me to awaken this morning and find a newly banned card. What aggravates me the most out of this, is the continued lack of discussion and explanation on Wizards of the Coast’s end. This is, yet again, another update with no changes, and no explanation for their reasoning that they used to arrive at this decision. It would be so helpful to get an inside look to their thought process to potentially forecast how the next few months would have to look in order to un-ban something.

While Dig Through Time may not actually be the correct un-ban right now, I’m not sure what would be. I believe the format does need something new, as the latest shake up to the format that we’ve seen was Dredge’s new innovation with the printing of Creeping Chill.¬†Other than that, the format has grown, more or less, stagnant.

Stagnant is one of my least favorite words in the English language. Stagnant goes against everything that I believe we as people should be doing, growing. It doesn’t matter how, but I believe everyone should be striving to grow in some aspect of their life, and it’s an ideology that has helped to motivate me on numerous occasions in the past, and continues to drive me to accomplish the goals that I set for myself. Believing that my favorite format in Magic has become stagnant is disheartening and a solemn conclusion.

I’m going to play devil’s advocate, however, because I believe that Wizards of the Coast would not make any changes unless they believed the format to be healthier than if they had changed something. So take all this with a pile of salt. I’m excited to see where Modern ends up over the next couple of months.

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