November Update: COVID-19, Utah State of Emergency & Black Friday

Last night Governor Herbert declared a new state of emergency following a month of rapidly increasing case counts and hospitalizations in Utah.

The Governor’s executive order enacts statewide COVID-19 restrictions which:

  • Place the entire state under a mask mandate.
  • Limit casual social gatherings to household-only until November 23, 2020.

Game Grid Lehi will remain open for business, with masks and social distancing required.
You can also order online and have your games shipped or select in-store pickup. If you would like Curbside Pickup, you can call us when you arrive and we’ll bring your order out to your car.

None of this is new – well, maybe it’s the “new normal.”
The major change is that our Play Area is closed until Monday, November 23rd.
Pending any other recommendations, guidelines or regulations, Game Grid Lehi will be taking a minimum of a 14 day hiatus from running events or having open tables.
With social gatherings limited to household-only, we will only be open for retail business for the next two weeks.

What about XYZ….

Board Game Rentals:
You can still rent our games to play at home and it’s a great way to pass the time when you’re stuck at home for two weeks.
After they are returned our rental games are “quarantined” for a few days, so they’ll be safe to play for the next person to take them home.

Magic Events:
For the past few months, all of our Magic events have been via Discord.
The only changes are that our tables are no longer open for casual play and our in-store Discord setups are unavailable as well.

Warhammer League (AoS & 40k):
We will be postponing pairings for the next two weeks.
Our store credit giveaway will still happen on schedule, but we’ll be creating a painting contest to earn entries.
More details will be published soon.

Board Game Night/Dungeons & Dragons:
It’s been great to have some small groups getting together to play at our tables.
However, for the next two weeks our tables are closed – even if you are wearing a mask.
We’ll be thrilled to welcome you back when we are able to reopen our play area.

Black Friday:

We’ll see how the next two weeks go.
What we know for sure:
Our $1000 giveaway will still be happening 😀
We are still going to have great deals on great games for everyone
We want you to be able to get awesome games for the holidays without putting anyone at risk.

Last year we had an unprecedented turnout on Black Friday, and we simply cannot accommodate that many people while maintaining social distancing.
We’ve been brainstorming ideas for this year and I would love your feedback/ideas as well.

Here’s some of the ideas we’ve discussed so far:

  • Limit Capacity:
    • 10 customers in the front of the store, 20 in the back (browsing clearance items on our tables)
    • 1 Out, 1 In – no crowds and plenty of space for everyone to browse.
  • Online Only:
    • All of our deals on our site, good till gone.
    • Store is closed except for online pick up.
      • This avoids the terrible situation of you finding a good deal on a game, only to discover at checkout that someone else already ordered it online.
  • Reserve a Time:
    • Have 20 minute time slots available for reservation online.
    • Reservations require a “deposit” – there’ll be a cost to reserve, but it will be added as store credit to your account that you can use while shopping.
  • Cancel Black Friday:
    • Offer various sales throughout the next month instead of concentrating on a single day.

Our $1000 Giveaway will officially kick off a bit later this month, but to give you a head start, here is the first Question of the Day:

How do you want Game Grid Lehi to run Black Friday?
Is there one of our ideas that you prefer, or something completely different?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that you are healthy and happy, and I hope that things are back to normal soon.
For now, take care of yourself, your family and your community – we’re all in this together.


4 thoughts on “November Update: COVID-19, Utah State of Emergency & Black Friday

  1. Either online only, or cancel with deals throughout the month. If deals throughout the month ends up the winner, I think posting the deal upon release in the announcements in discord would be ideal. That way we can all get notified, and it would be greatly appreciated by everyone imo.

  2. I would love to still be able to come to the store if possible, but the online thing wouldn’t be worst. Would you still do things like different discounts for different copies of the game.

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