Officially Announcing: Game Grid Lehi’s Warhammer 40K Crusade League

With the release of 9th Edition, Game Grid Lehi is happy to finally announce our Warhammer 40K Crusade League!
If you are unfamiliar with how a crusade works, you can follow this link, where they go in depth and explain exactly what Crusade is. Alternatively, your 9th edition rule book has all the information you’ll need as well. We are however making a few tweaks to the system, to better fit our community, schedules, and to keep things engaging and progressing over the next three months!
For our Crusade League, we will be starting at 25 power level, which equates to 500 points. In Crusade you use the rewards and points you earn (whether you earn these from objectives, victories, or glorious failures) to fix up the wounded, upgrade a squad or your leader, adding a load out, or other options such as increasing your army size.
And while we like this a lot, we also want to be able to have newcomers and casual players alike to still feel like they’re progressing not only their narrative, but their army too. In order to achieve this, every player will be awarded a minimum of 25 power level a month. We feel this won’t detract from the experience, but rather add.
To answer a likely question from the get go: yes, this allows you to increase your army with our monthly increase, as well with the points you’ve earned. Crusade already holds a lot of rules and things to keep track of, not to mention the customization and story we will all want to create for our individual armies. We want avoid giving players the feeling like they are being left behind, but also not worrying about increasing their army size, and rather focus on upgrading their units, leaders, load outs, and so on.
The great thing about crusade is if you decide to use your free power level increase, and use your points to further that increase, you won’t necessarily be ahead or behind someone who decided to use their points to upgrade their Hellblaster Squad.
Crusade rewards you for every game you play, and we wanted to keep it that way. You will be required to play a single match every two weeks, but there isn’t anything stopping you from playing additional games. You aren’t capped at your two games a month – you can play as many matches of Crusade as you’d like, and still reap the rewards that they may give. Wanting to upgrade your army faster, or just interested in going for narrative? Great! Play to your hearts content, just make sure it is with someone else who is in our Crusade League! Both of you will report, and will be allowed to use your earnings towards your crusading Warband!

What About Prizes?

We will be handing out prizes at the end of every two weeks, prizes being rewarded through a raffle system! For every game you play, you get a raffle ticket towards the bi-weekly raffle.
To keep this fair for those who may not have the time to crusade as much as others, once you win a two week raffle, you will not be able to do so again until the end! We will have a final raffle at the end of the Crusade League, and all your tickets earned through out the league will be put towards it.
Also, we will have some fun End-of-Crusade prizes for different categories, such as: best painted, most victories, most wounds accumulated, and a few more to be announced! Is your head spinning? Good, that means you read this all, and are excited to start! There is a lot to take in, but we are excited to learn and try this out with you! Free entry, lots of fun, battling for prizes, but most importantly, creating some good memories and friendships!

What You Will Need, and How to Sign Up:

A starting Warband of 25 power level (500 points), a ruler, dice, and your A-game!
First and foremost we expect everyone to hold good sportsmanship, and want everyone to enjoy their experience. If you’re interested in joining with us, then hop onto our Discord and start making some noise!
We will be kicking off our first week of Crusade on September 1st, and it will run into November.
Sign-up by @ggstaff in our 40k Discord chat

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