Our New Kit Bash Bin

Over the course of the last three months while playing Age of Sigmar, my girlfriend and I have collected a tower of boxes with excess sheets of plastic inside. It feels wrong and improper to simply toss these perfectly good Warhammer parts, so most players horde their extra pieces, which may lead to some storage issues. In the case of Sarina and I, we now possess a three foot tall monument to our ignorance. A tower of shame, if you will. A dark tower over which no sun can rise.

I must find an escape. This tower is ruining what little sanity I still have. It is for this reason that I’m seeking an escape. Not just for me, but anyone who may have a dark tower looming in their room for which there is no escape.

So officially starting today there is now a Kit Bash Bin at Game Grid! Sarina and I are kicking it off with all of the excess pieces from our tower that I dismantled this morning, and now everyone can have a safe place to dump the plastic they don’t want anymore.

This bin is advantageous to the community for a number of reasons. First of all, it gives people a recycling bin for their plastic (obviously). Second, this will give a lot of freedom to people who enjoy kit bashing, offering a huge variety of different models. Third, it will allow people who simply enjoy the building and painting side of the hobby a free alternative to putting random models together. And fourth, some kits even come with excess bases, which some players just need extra of sometimes. This will also allow an easy find for bases you might be missing.

Anybody is welcome to come and donate their extra pieces to the bin, we do not charge for the taking of any of these pieces so we do not make a profit on them, and our stock will be completely community driven meaning we will not open up any kits just to put pieces into the bin. If you’ve got pieces you’re looking to off load, drop them off here and give to the community.

Obviously with something like this, I do have to ask everybody to only take what you’ll use. That’s the only way a thing like this can sustain itself, do not hesitate to take something from the Bits Bin, but only take what you’ll use.

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