Path to Glory Round 1 Recap

The first round of our Path to Glory is ending today, and it’s time I go over the highlights of it all! This is the first time I’ve done an article in this style, so allow myself to briefly explain; through out the course of the Path to Glory, I am collecting pictures and stories of the games and warbands that are being played from our wonderful community. This bi-weekly article will be recapping everything I’ve gotten so far! Without meandering too long, lets get to the goodies!

The Battle Ready Warbands

Disciples of Tzeentch by Brittany Lange

First, I must confess. Daemon armies are icky. Mostly Nurgle, but in general Khorne and Slaanesh are pretty grotesque, however Tzeentch is the exception for me. I love that Tzeentch is the god of change and evolution, and their models reflect it. Strangely shaped bodies and Picasso-esque features make for a brilliant spectacle reminiscent of cosmic horror. I get a particular “Color Out of Space” vibe from Brittany’s color scheme.

I won’t pretend to be an art aficionado, and I won’t even try to get snobby about it, but I recognize good work when I see it. She managed to get an amazing gradient on the wings of the Fateweaver, with an extremely interesting basing style. The scales on the top of the Screamers are excellently highlighted, and the Burning Sigil of Tzeentch makes me very uncomfortable to look at, as if the very eye of Sauron is looking into me.

All in all, this is a freaky army with a brilliant paint scheme and I’m glad I could showcase it!

Gloomspite Gitz by Matt Barker

Nothing makes me happier than a couple o’ Squigs running rampant through the league. Matt has an excellent color scheme that he has gone with that is quite unique to the Gloomspite Gitz.  Despite the brightly colored pallet, the spooky tone of the army is far from lost, especially with the brilliantly colored Loonshrine always watching over the battlefield.

The Stabbas and Shootas have bright blue cloaks that make them instantly stand out on the battle field, and Matt’s chosen the unmistakable rainbow Squig Herd. They’re chompy, they’re chonky, and there is not much to hate about them. His color scheme is so far out of the ordinary for the Gloomspite, but I think it really works for them. I absolutely love the models for this army, and Matt has done an awesome job at defending their honor.

What I find especially impressive is his Loonshrine. It’s a bit hard to see in this picture, but he’s painted the rock with water lines for an erosion effect, and it is absolutely stunning to look at. The next time you catch Matt in the Discord ask him for a picture of it or to square off in person, because the moon truly does make people crazy.

Cities of Sigmar: Phoenicium by Sarina Johnson

Behold, my beautiful $12 light box from Wish, just large enough to hold my girlfriend’s and I’s beginning warbands. Sarina’s army has been a work in progress for a long time, as we had to take a break due to life picking up. The crown jewel of her army however is battle ready, and it’s gorgeous. Her Frostheart Phoenix took her around 18 hours to paint, most of that time was spent doing a gradient by hand on each individual feather. After that, she mixed glitter with Modge Podge to get it extra sparkly before putting a good wash on it.

Her Sisters of the Watch are also fabulous in case you were wondering, as she made a large enough load of her glittery concoction, and was sure to use it on her Sister’s bows and hair. She has an excellent vision for her army, as she is going to field additional Phoenixes as she accrues the follower rolls for them, however she will have a 50/50 split of Frosthearts and Flamespyres. She is also fielding units of Phoenix Guard, who will be colored in accordance to her phoenixes. Meaning, her army will be half frosty, half flaming.

She’s got an excellent start, and I’m super excited to see how she develops her army moving forward!

Blades of Khorne by William Lange

Remember what I said early? Tzeentch has got a really cool cosmic horror aesthetic, however Khorne is something entirely different. Growing up as an edgy teenager living in Sanpete county, I listened to Korn every now and again. They were never my favorite, but they scratched that metal itch for me when I was feeling it. I can’t help but think that Blades of Khorne is a great embodiment of how I felt listening to that music.

I never had an appreciation for Khorne however until I played against Will and saw these models first hand. The Skull Altar is a masterpiece, looking truly ambitious and worthy of worship and sacrifice. His daemons are all a crimson red, looking bread for the fight and ready for battle on an ashen base. My absolute favorite part of this army however, is the Hexgorger Skulls. I had never played against Khorne’s rituals before, and Will almost got all three of them out against me.

All in all, Will has forced me to appreciate Khorne with how insanely metal the army looks. He sent me a few pictures, and I really wish I could have featured more of them here, but DM him in our Discord channel for pics of the full list!

Lumineth Realm-Lords by William Sawyer

Hey, that’s me! I have been doing my best to keep my painting up to pace with the Path to Glory, and I’m holding on so far! My starting warband has been my Alarith Stonemage and Spirit of the Mountain for my starting warband, acquiring Vanari Dawnriders and a unit of Stoneguard (not pictured) with my acquired rolls.

I don’t really have much to say about my paint job, other than I am extremely proud of myself for the progress that I have made as a painter. Nobodies fantastic when they start this hobby, but comparing these models to some of my early Seraphon models, you can see stark contrast as to how my skills have evolved. I’ve gone beyond putting on a base coat followed by a wash, and with this army have started experimenting with glow effects, dusted snow effects, the rippling of capes, and basing.

They’re not the best, but they are the best that I’ve done, and for that I’m happy.

Tales of Battle

Chapter One: Rising Speed and Falling Arrows by Jeremy Beard and Ron Marx

Now that our beautiful Warband features are done, I would like to set the tone for our next trip into the mortal realms. I have three separate highlights to go over today, each worthy of Shakespearean renown. We begin the tale in the realm of Aqshy, where the Lumineth Realm-Lords (commanded by Jeremy Beard) meat with Ossiarch Bonereapers (commanded by Ron Marx) to fight to the bitter end. In the great march at the beginning of battle, Beard filled his Vanari Auralan Sentinels with the spirit of Hysh, and was able to deal 5 mortal wounds to the opposing champion. Barely scraping his way back to his feet from the onslaught of arrows, he quickly found himself surrounded as Beard’s Vanari Dawnriders became quickened by the Speed of Hysh, moving 28″ in a single movement phase to finish off Marx’s champion. The battle had been nearly over by the end of the first battle round.

Chapter Two: Of Biting, and the Blood Thereof by Matt Barker and Miguel M.

Our next tale is that of great sacrifice, and great bravery; or rather great folly. The mighty Terrorgheist of the Flesh-Eater Courts (commanded by Miguel M.) had wreaked havoc upon the battlefield for far too long. At last, a rebellion had arisen from the most unlikely creatures of all; a Squig Herd from the Gloomspite Gitz (commanded by Matt Barker). The reluctant heroes surrounded the great beast, and whether driven by madness or honor, stood in mortal combat with it. They faced down the fiercest foe of their time, but unfortunately, their sacrifice was a folly, as they made the fatal mistake of having blood in their veins for the Terrorgheist to consume. The beast ripped the Squigs to shreds in a matter of a single combat, leaving not even the Loonboss to tell the tale.

Chapter Three: A Clash of Chaos and Order by William Lange and William Sawyer

Our final tale comes from my very own mouth. Two great nations; the Lumineth Realm-Lords (commanded by Sawyer) and the Blades of Khorne (commanded by Lange), locked in another bitter fued for control of the realm. While the greater portion of the two armies waged war on each other on one side of the battlefield, a great conflict was arising on the other. It was none other than a Ghorgon from the Beasts of Chaos facing down the very Spirit of the Mountain. The two great cows clashed in an epic conflict. The Ghorgon, supported by a Wrath-Axe was able to deal a formidable amount of damage, however the Spirit of the Mountain prevailed in smashing out the beast of Chaos with his Stoneheart Worldhammer, a weapon truly built for the gods.

Round One Raffle Winners

You didn’t think I’d forget about the first raffle of the event did you? As a quick reminder, at the end of each round we will have a raffle where three players in our Path to Glory will earn $25 in store credit! You earn tickets for playing games, losing games, submitting your painted units to me, and submitting epic battle moments to me! We had a lot more entries than I thought, and I want to be a little transparent about how I’m running the raffle. For fairness sake, I will not allow somebody to win a raffle prize twice in the same round. I was pulling the winners from the lot, and pulled the same name three times before pulling a different name (thanks Brittany!). So, I am restricting one winning per round.

Thanks again to everybody who has joined and is playing in our Path to Glory. This has been an absolute blast reading all these stories and seeing everybody’s different strategies get put to the table. Pairings for the second round will be posted tomorrow, then we’ll have two more weeks to play our games and report our winnings. Good luck, have fun, and here are our winners for the round one raffle!

Congratulations on Winning $25!

  • Brittany Lange
  • Matt Barker
  • Russel Boyce

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