Player Spotlight: Morgan Lunt

Throughout my history of playing at Game Grid, the number one thing that has astounded me is how well the community has been nourished and grown as a whole. It’s something that everyone who is a part of it has collectively worked together to shape, and it’s something we take pride in.  It’s for these reasons that I find it important to highlight some of the members of this amazing community, and this week I had the pleasure of interviewing the winner of our recent Modern 1K, Morgan Lunt.

I first encountered Morgan while playing at the shop the better part of two years ago. In that time he has proven to be a positive and outstanding person in every interaction that I have had with him. He’s always been down for a good game of Modern, and it’s just relaxing to be able to sit down in front of someone, and be able to laugh and joke about how silly Magic can be at times. Without any need for further introduction, here is what I learned about Morgan this week.


When, and how did you first start playing Magic?

“I initially started playing Magic in Return to Ravnica. I had some friends at school who were playing a bunch and one built me a deck and I couldn’t get enough after that.”


What kind of an impact has Magic had on your life?

“Magic is like a second home for me. It’s where I’ve met almost all my friends since moving back to Utah a couple years ago. It has helped me make connections and be more social than I otherwise would have been. Magic also has helped my mental health by being an outlet that lets me express myself through competition. I’ve always used competition as a way to work through and process my emotions. Magic is really close to the perfect outlet for that.”


Where would you like life to take you in the next few years?

“Well, I am working on getting back to school at the moment and finish out my bachelors degree. Magic is a pretty important part of my life and I’d like to keep going to Magic Fests multiple times a year. I’m practicing more and more and would like to qualify for a Mythic Championship in the next couple years.”


What deck did you bring to the 1K, and why?

“I brought Izzet Phoenix. I decided to play it because I’ve been on it basically since Ross Merriam won an SCG with it and it’s considered to be the best deck in the format. I love it’s utility and the fact it attacks from so many different angles. Phoenix has a ton of resiliency because of that and makes it really easy to switch game plans in response to hate. I’ve been describing the version of the deck I played this weekend as a grindy midrange deck with the capacity to have an almost combo like starts.”


How do you plan to innovate the deck moving forward?

“I really liked the inclusion of Set Adrift as my bounce spell of choice this last weekend. I want to experiment more with Delve spells in Phoenix because it fills the graveyard so quickly. My concern with that is it makes the deck more vulnerable to graveyard hate. Most innovations to Phoenix come in response to how hostile the meta is and I’m really curious to see what Modern Horizons and War of the Spark bring as hate. I am pretty sure we’re going to see Containment Priest. So I am curious as to other than leaving up a Lightning Bolt as to how we beat Containment Priest.”


That’s all the time that we had to talk about, but I’d like to personally thank Morgan for being such an impeccable member of this outstanding community, and I very much look forward to our next Modern mach together.