Why shop anywhere else?

At Game Grid Lehi, we always want to give you the most value possible when you shop through us.
And there are a lot of ways that we provide value to our customers.
We offer Rental Games so you can try before you buy, host Board Game Night with volunteers who teach you how to play new games, hire Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff to make sure you always have a great experience in our store, Run awesome Tournaments and Organized Play Events to help you meet new people to play with and win great prizes, provide Paint Nights to help you make your minis look the best, and of course, we have our Rewards Program so that we can say thank you when you shop with us.

However, sometimes value is a simple matter of price comparison – after all, there are a lot of games out there and no one has an infinite budget!!

We want you to know that when you shop with us, you are getting the most value possible.
To make sure you do, Game Grid Lehi will price match any local competitor or online retailer.

We do have 3 conditions for our price match policy:

1. Cost + 20%-
We like being here, playing games with you, and we think that you like having us around too!
To make sure the doors stay open, the lowest we will price match to is our Cost + 20%.

2. Store Credit-
We give out store credit as a thank you to people who play here, but we still have to restock our products.
To make sure we can, when you request a price match you won’t be able to use store credit on that purchase.

3. Rewards Points-
Our rewards system is pretty awesome, giving you up to 14% back as a thank you for shopping with us.
When we price match, we don’t offer points on that purchase. (You can earn points on other purchases though!)


Find an awesome price and want to double check if we can match?
Give us a call – (801) 477-7680,
Send us an email – staff@gglehi.com, or
Come on over and show us the sweet deal you found!



All Price Match Conditions
CCGs, including Magic: The Gathering, will not be price matched.
Between Free Events (that pay out real prizes!), the Game Grid Invitational, the best Trade-In Policy in Utah, and more, Game Grid Lehi offers exceptional value for our Magic and CCG players. Plus our prices are competitive with other local and online competitors, and if occasionally our prices are a bit higher, our Rewards Progam gives you a ton of credit for shopping local.
Still not convinced you should be shopping and playing at Game Grid? Reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do- staff@gglehi.com

Specific Conditions for Price Matching
The product must be in-stock and available to ship or pick up
Shipping is included in the total when price matching
Amazon Prime Shipping is valued at $4.99 per transaction

Final Note – We are not lawyers, these terms and conditions are subject to change over time, with or without notice.
This is also our first attempt at a comprehensive Price Matching Policy, if you see something that doesn’t work, let us know – staff@gglehi.com
We are implementing this policy so that our customers feel comfortable that they are getting their best value when shopping at Game Grid Lehi, if the Price Match Policy is failing to meet your expectations, please let us know what we can do to improve it – staff@gglehi.com