PSA: Box Toppers Must be Double Sleeved

The following pictures are of Ultimate Masters Box Toppers that were opened from their Box Topper pack, and then immediately put into a top-loader Perfect Fit sleeve, before being placed on display in a hanging card case, where they stayed for about two weeks before these pictures were taken.


The reason this terrible tragedy can occur to these beautiful pieces of Magic history is because of how the foil layer of the card reacts to the moisture in the air.

A Magic card is made of two different layers of cardstock, and with foils, the front layer is made of a different type of material. This material reacts much differently to moisture than the regular card stock that is used does. The foil layer contracts and expands, while the cardstock layer remains dormant, which is what causes these cards to warp.

There are multiple obvious reason as to why you don’t want your cards to warp; They lose value, become less desirable by other players and collectors, and, perhaps the biggest reason to take care of your foils, they can become too warped for tournament play. This was relevant at Grand Prix Seattle this last year.

Players came to the event with decks that contained Kess, Dissident Mage, which was only printed in the Commander 2017 set as a foil. These foils are notorious for warping within hours of being opened out of their product, and players who sleeved this card up experienced said warping, as judges were handing out game losses for marked cards on day one. By day two, they solved this issue by providing proxy checklist cards for any Kess players who would like them.

They won’t make these kinds of exceptions for warped Box Toppers however. It is absolutely crucial to make sure that you keep your Box Toppers double sleeved 24 hours a days, 7 days a week. These cards are only going to go up in value from here, especially where half of them have already half-piped and are unplayable. It’s not difficult, it’s not expensive, and it takes 30 seconds.

If you can afford to obtain an Ultimate Masters Box Topper, you can afford to take care of it.