Featured Game of the Week — Quadropolis

Designer: François Gandon
Artist: Sabrina Miramon
Publisher: Days of Wonder
Year: 2016
  2–4 players     30–60 min     8+ years
Difficulty: Medium
Game Type: City Building
Mechanisms: Set Collection, Tile Placement

Quick Overview

In Quadropolis, 2–4 players take on the roles of city planners, competing with one another to build the best metropolis! Each round, the players take turns claiming buildings, placing newly acquired buildings onto their own city grid. Every building will need to be activated using inhabitants or energy. In return, each building provides more inhabitants or energy which you can use to activate other buildings. After four rounds, the players tally their points.

Each building type will score differently. Residential buildings, for example, score based on their height; parks score depending on the number of residential buildings next to them; shops score depending on how many customers they have; public service buildings score depending on the number of districts in your city that have them; and so on. Some buildings are also worth a number of victory points on their own.

Rainer’s Thoughts Score: 8/10

While this game certainly rewards efficient planning and strategic building placement, it quickly becomes apparent that being able to adapt and react to the ever-changing options is more important long term. Being able to snag an important building for yourself, while attempting to deny the next player a preferred building, results in a wonderful balance of meaningful decisions as you weigh your options against long term and short term building benefits. Additionally, the game manages to offer a variety of options while also making sure that turns move along quickly from one player to the next. The artwork is gorgeous and the component quality top notch! Quadropolis is sure to offer a rewarding experience each time you bring it to the table! Highly recommended for both families and seasoned gamers.