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Hey guys!

Landon from Command Valley here, bringing you a spicy EDH deck tech on Rielle, the Everwise, a super cool new legendary creature from the Ikoria standard set.

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If you love wheeling, dealing, and spellslinging, you’re going to love this deck. Rielle’s ability that lets us draw cards equal to the cards we discard for the first time each turn, turns suboptimal card advantage looting spells, into wicked efficient card advantage that eventually will make Rielle strong enough to take our opponents out.

Our plan is to abuse Rielle’s ability on each and every turn, but a lot of the magic will be happening on our turn.

We need to get Rielle out as quickly as possible, turn 2-3, ideally. Let’s check out the ramp package.


Bigger Ramp

We’re also running some cards that will give us access to a lot more mana in the late game. High Tide is one of the best “ritual” spells. Doubling all our blue mana in a turn is amazing, allowing us to cast double the amount of spells! Our deck will never be short on card draw, but mana is where we might fizzle, so High Tide is very useful.

Now, once Rielle is out on the table, that’s when the fun really begins. Let’s first go the ways we have of looting through our library.

Looting (rummaging is a similar term) is a term in Magic for drawing a card from your library, at the cost of discarding a card from your hand. Normally, this doesn’t get you ahead on cards in your hand but is useful for digging for an answer.

So, our Looters and Rummagers are:

I’d like to take a quick moment and go over the enchantment Attunement.

This is one of my favorite cards in the deck and is our best repeatable looting ability. Being able to bounce it back to our hand, draw three cards, discard four, and then draw four every single turn is amazing.

Attunement will take you deep into your library, to find the answer you need, or the perfect card to end the game.

Magus of the Bazaar is another really useful looter. Being able to activate its ability to draw two, and discard three during another player’s turn helps us make the most use of Rielle’s ability.

Looting is only half the fun, we want our opponents to join in on some of it, so we’re going to be playing a bunch of different wheel effects.

Wheels do big things for this deck. Windfall is probably the best, but the repeatable windfall ability on Jace’s Archivist is also incredibly useful.

Tolarian Winds isn’t technically a true wheel, but it’ll allow us to dump a hand full of lands for a fresh new grip of useful spells. Being instant speed is also very helpful.

Next, let’s go over all the ways we have of interacting with our opponents.


We’re playing some counterspells because Izzet can’t deal with certain permanents once they’re on the table, so we have to stop pesky enchantments on the stack.

Forbid is probably the best counterspell in the deck. The buyback cost of discarding two cards to put Forbid back into our hand after it resolves is absolutely brutal for our opponents. Once we get it into our hand, we’re going to be countering spells and drawing cards at the same time. A lot of value.

Misdirection will usually be used as a counterspell, for a counterspell. We can redirect an opponent’s counterspell, to misdirection, which could save one of our win cons from being countered.




I’ve also included a couple of cards that profit off of our spells/draws to give us some nice value.


Talrand and Young Pyromancer help us stay alive by making us chump blocking tokens for doing what the deck wants to do already.

Chasm Skulker is very similar, but we don’t get the tokens until after Chasm Skulker dies. But with how many cards we’re drawing, the skulker can get huge.

Last, but certainly not least, let’s go over our ways of closing out games.

We’ve got good ol’ fashion beat down, with a mighty large Rielle, as she will be getting a massive power boost with all the instant/sorcery spells in our graveyard.

Enigma Drake, Spellheart Chimera, and Runechanter’s Pike serve as redundant targets for our next suite of spells if Rielle is not on the table.

Getting Wonder into our graveyard shouldn’t be difficult at all and, with it there, it makes Rielle all that more dangerous, being able to fly over our opponent’s defenses.

Runechanter’s Pike is awesome and can make some of our little token creatures very powerful.

Rise from the Tides is going to give us an army of zombies that will hopefully be enough to break through our opponent’s defenses and take them out.

We then have a couple of cards that could let us burn our opponents out.

Finally, if none of those plans work, we could also manually draw through our entire deck and win with an empty library via Thassa’s Oracle.

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and checking this deck out! I hope you enjoy playing it. Drawing cards is the best part of Magic!





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