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Hello fellow animal and EDH lovers and welcome to the Command Valley where we absolutely love animals–which ties into the deck tech were going to be going over today. With the release of M21, we got a spoiler for the buy-a-box promo which is now my favorite magic card ever, A DOG AND CAT COMMANDER. If you have a dog or cat then you probably feel that same urge as me to build a deck in their name. So today this deck is dedicated to my dog, Momo, the goodest boy of them all.

Momo ~

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Now let’s jump into it!

Rin and Seri is the only commander to feature both cats and dogs, and also one of the only commanders to head a twin tribal deck! This can make the deck very interesting because you can either go full cats or full dogs and you will get the benefit of both either way. I have chosen to do a mixture of both which may not be the most optimal, but I didn’t create this deck to be optimal, I made it to be flavorful and fun to play! The true power of Rin and Seri is in its ability to generate a lot of tokens and use those tokens in its last ability. We can use the tribal synergies to be aggressive and then use its activated ability to finish our opponents off with potentially 10-15 damage! Let’s start off with our cats and see what these feline friends are going to do for us.


The Cats

Regal Caracal

Feline Sovereign

Hungry Lynx

King of the Pride

Kaheera, the Orphangaurd

Even though cats are not a massively supported tribe in MTG (like vampires or zombies) we still do have a few lords. Regal Caracal, Feline Sovereign, and Kaheera all give our cats an automatic buff. Hungry Lynx doesn’t buff our cats right off the bat but it can make our cats bigger when the rats our opponent’s control die. Feline Sovereign can also interact with artifacts and enchantments which is a major plus considering we will be casting and creating lots of cats!


Power Kitties

Alms Collector – A staple in white and a very effective card draw engine who also happens to be a cat! Even though we are playing green and have access to some awesome card draw, Alms Collector is a very useful cat as our opponents will be drawing cards throughout the game.

Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist– A legendary cat from the Feline Ferocity precon. This cat is going to be one of our best cats because when she swings she makes it so only one creature from each opponent can block. Mirri is going to make combat so much easier for us and much more difficult for our opponents. If you add Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots into the deck, then I would highly suggest attaching them to Mirri.

Whitemane Lion – A surprisingly useful kitty cat that can act as a protection spell. By holding up mana we can use him to return our best creatures to our hand in the case that they are targeted for removal.

Prowling Serpopard – I can’t stress enough how useful this half-snake half-cat creature is in a game! By making all of our creature spells uncounterable we will be safe from interaction on the stack from any counterspells!

Qasali Slingers – Something you can always use more of is artifact and enchantment removal, turning all of our cats into Reclamation Sages is going to vital to keeping up with decks that are relying on pesky non-creature spells.

All the Kittens

The Good Boys

Unfortunately, since the creature type “Dog” has just been formed by WOTC–as dogs were previously the totally unsupported “Hound” creature type–we only have one lord for our doggos in Pack Leader. However, we still have some very strong pups to help us in our battle.

Ainok Bond-Kin – We are going to have lots of ways of putting +1/+1 counters on all of our creatures and giving them all first strike is perfect for our combat-focused deck..

Elven Warhounds – A massively underplayed card that will almost always hit your opponents. Even if an opponent blocks with a creature that has first strike, it will still be hurled back to the top of their library. A very good choice to put counters on.

Two-Headed Cerberus and Hound of Griselbrand – Both of these pups have double strike and are very good targets for any pump effects that we have. It will be very hard for our opponents to know when to block our creatures with double strike as we can pump these good boys up.


All the Pupperonis


Other Creatures

Now, we only have two creatures in this deck that are not specifically cats and dogs:

Beast Whisperer – We are playing a creature heavy deck so we absolutely want as much card draw as we can and Beast Whisperer is me so I thought it slotted in perfectly in this deck.

Mirror Entity – As a shapeshifter, this creature will trigger Rin and Seri as both a cat and a dog giving us two tokens from our commander. It also has the ability to change the base power and toughness of our creatures to whatever we want as long as we have the mana for it. Being able to activate this ability at instant speed makes this is a very powerful and deadly creature in our deck.


Win Conditions

Let’s take a look out our win cons!

We have one off-pump spells such as:

Titanic Ultimatum

Finale of Devestation

Triumph of the Hordes

We also have lasting pump effects:

Beastmaster Ascension

Cathar’s Crusade

Eldrazi Monument

And lastly, we have my favorite win cons. Enchantments that stop your opponents from even being able to block!


War Cadence


Top Cards

Let’s talk now about some of the best cards in the 99 starting off with two cards that are 25 bucks apiece:

Parallel Lives

Anointed Procession

These are absolute powerhouses in our deck since we are creating tokens every time we cast a cat or dog, and doubling up on those tokens is going to be super strong, especially if we use Rin and Seri’s tap ability to dome our opponents faces. If you have one or both lying around then definitely throw them in!

Cryptolith Rite – An auto-include into any creature heavy deck that is playing green, with this enchantment all of our doggos and selfish brats are going to turn into Birds of Paradise!

Skullclamp – I can never rant enough about how incredible this equipment is. Since our tokens we create are 1/1 we can just sac them to our Skullclamp and make sure our hand stays nice and full!

Shamanic Revelation – The best card draw spell we have. Since we are going to have lots of creatures on board this sorcery will draw us a ton of cards and keep us going as we steamroll our opponents!


Well, folks, that is it for the deck tech. At the bottom of this article, you can find the full decklist where you can see everything I’ve included in my deck. This will be the deck I am playing on an upcoming episode of Duel of the Peaks so make sure to stay tuned for that! Please be sure to go subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of our content! Thanks, everyone and see you next time!







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