Secret Lair Ultimate Now Available – Save $100!

Hello Fellow Magic Players!

We’ve had a ton of people calling, texting, emailing, facebook-ing, discord-ing, (and even talking to us in person!) to ask us about Secret Lair Ultimate.

I am happy to say, we finally have it available for preorder. We’ve listed it at $349.99, but we have some deals for our local players to get it for only $249.99. Read on to find out how 🙂

Due to the limited quantities available, Secret Lair Ultimate Editiion’s price point has been tricky to pin down. Initial preorders on TCGPlayer were listed at over $500!
Prices came down from the stratosphere over time, settling between $350 -$400 on TCG, eBay and Starcity Games (sold out at $350).
And it’s no surprise – the Modern Masters 2017 Reprints of the Fetchlands are currently selling for ~$300, without the unique artwork or limited availability of Secret Lair.

Game Grid always does our best to offer fair, competitive prices.
Our goal with Secret Lair is to make sure that our limited quantity ends up in the hands of our local players & collectors.
In the past, we would run events, give out door prizes, or find another unique way to reward in-store play with a chance to pick up limited products and cards.
Of course, with coronavirus going on none of that is going to work this time around. And we have the additional challenge of finally having an online store – meaning anyone from anywhere could end up with the cards, defeating our original goal.

After a bit of brainstorming, I think we came up with a pretty good idea of how to make you all happy and meet our goal – here’s our solution for Secret Lair Ultimate:

1. Price it at Market –
Secret Lair Ultimate is $349.99 on our site, high enough to discourage people who would purchase to resell, but fair & competitive with current online prices.

2. Offer a Discount for our Regulars –
Anyone who has a Game Grid Rewards account (if you’ve ever shopped in-store, you do) can email, text or call us to get a $50 Coupon Code for Secret Lair!

3. Reward Playing “at” Game Grid – 
With events & in store play suspended until June 1st (at the earliest), Wizards has allowed us to run Ikoria At-Home Prereleases.
If you enter an At-Home Prerelease with Game Grid Lehi, or our $1k Ikoria Discord Prerelease you can email, text or call us to request an additional Coupon Code for another $50 off!

Between the two coupons available, the final price for our Favorite, Local, Regular Players ends up at $249.99 – a hefty discount from both the Market Price & the value of the cards inside.
Yes, we could make more money by listing them on TCG or eBay, but that’s not what we want to do or how we want to operate.
At the end of the day, Game Grid exists because of you and your support. We want to make sure that these awesome cards go to our awesome players!

Secret Lair Ultimate Edition contains the 5 “enemy” Fetchlands, Featuring art from five of Magic’s premier artists—Alayna Danner, Adam Paquette, Sam Burley, John Avon, and Seb McKinnon—set in five popular Magic planes,  Lorwyn (Marsh Flats), Dominaria (Scalding Tarn), Innistrad (Verdant Catacombs), Amonkhet (Arid Mesa), and Ixalan (Misty Rainforest).

Read Wizards Article all about Secret Lair Ultimate!


If you have any questions or comments about Secret Lair Ultimate, feel free to email us and let us know your thoughts!

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