Speaking of Kickstarter…Look What’s Being Added to the Game Library

The last two weeks we’ve had a look at tabletop gaming on Kickstarter. This week I’ve got exciting news. A bunch of new games are getting added to the game library there at Game Grid. But these aren’t just any normal, old board games. These new games are actually games that were backed by Game Grid on Kickstarter, exclusive content and all. The most exciting part is that there are still more copies for sale at the store. So if after reading about these games feel free to go and either play them there or rent them to play at home, and if you enjoy the game enough pick up your own blinged out Kickstarter copy to add to your collection. Without further ado, let’s look at the games.


Village Pillage

Village Pillage is a quick filler that sees players trying to out guess each other as they strive to be the first player to purchase 3 relics. Each round players will play two cards, one to either side of them, from their hand. Depending on which card your opponents to each side chose to play your cards will resolve differently. Some cards will collect radishes, some steal them, and some will protect and bank the radishes you have. Then with your merchant you will be buying not only relics but also new, unique cards to add to your hand.

If you are the type that like quick, social games then I am betting this will be right up your alley. This game will force you to not only anticipate your opponents moves but also negotiate your way to success. The rules are dead simple and the art is fun and cartoony, so this mill make for a great gateway game to teach to new gamers. But the best news is that the Kickstarter version comes with cards for a sixth player, 4 extra market cards, and a whole ton of cute little wooden radish tokens to replace the standard cardboard ones. 


Miskatonic University

I have seen few games that are as thematic looking as Miskatonic University. The game’s art and graphic design scream HP Lovecraft. Players are investigators searching through the library of Miskatonic University. Players will draw cards trying to create sets of cards, but trying not to bust when pushing their luck. There are defense cards with abilities that will allow players more control of their fates. But ultimately it will be the player that has collected the most sanity after 5 rounds that wins.

While the mechanics here aren’t ground breaking it definitely does tread new ground. Most games of this type lack any sort of theme or aesthetics. Both of those are readily available in this game. Beware though, the theme is only painted on and will quickly fade as you press your luck. But if you want a simple, gorgeous Cthulhu game in your collection, one that looks like a book, then look no further. 


Fire Tower

Kickstarter is notorious for kicking out good looking games. Fire Tower definitely has a stunning table presence. The game is about a wildfire and players are trying to protect their fire towers from a growing blaze. What sets this game apart from others with a similar theme is that players are only trying to protect their tower, encouraging the fire to consume the towers of the other players. So it’s not highly thematic, but a fun premise none the less.

The game really stands out on the table with its acrylic fire pieces. The stark colors of the graphic design create great contrast against the ever-spreading fire pieces. While the game is merely an abstract game, with a little luck, the theme and graphics will make it appeal to families that have grown old of boring and themeless games. Swing by the store and give the game a go, it clocks in at only 30 minutes or so.


Call to Adventure

This game has been getting a lot of buzz lately on social media sites within the gaming community. It may be due to the fact that it allows players the chance to craft a unique story for their characters. It may also be due to the art style that just screams fantasy adventure. Or it could be the unique use of runestones that you get to throw as a means of testing your various attributes. It very well be a combination of all three things. 

There is something to be said for games that are simple but feel new and original. Players merely choose which card out of 5 they want to try to complete and then cast some runes to see how successful they are. Yet by the time the games over you’ll feel like you’ve gone on a grand adventure with a real story to tell. The Kickstarter version also comes with some exclusive cards as well as a nice clothe bag to store the fancy plastic runes between games. Bottom line, this game is just charming and one I’m tempted to add to add to my collection.


Treasure Mountain

A solid formula for success is taking multiple things great ideas and mashing them all together. Treasure Mountain has a healthy dose of worker placement and tile placement, all tied together with a classic fantasy theme. Players are dwarves mining for only the most exotic gems. Unlike most worker placement games workers can be bumped, allowing for a new layer of strategic planning. And the game wouldn’t be complete with out some dragons swooping in to destroy everyones plans at the most inconvenient times. 

This Kickstarter version screams value. The game is bundled with it’s expansion and a pack of promo cards, adding variety and introducing magic spells to the game. You’ll also find cards allowing solo play and much more. The hobby can often times feel very divided. Heavy and talking strategy games on one side, and light fillers on the other. Treasure Mountain is a light strategy game, something that can seem missing at times. This would be a great game to rent and take home to see if it’s right for you. 


Be sure to swing by Game Grid sooner than later if any of these games sound like fun to you. If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s that Kickstarter games on the secondhand market can be hard to find and costly when you do. Luckily Game Grid has all  of these in stock, ready to be added to your collection. If you’re more of a player than a collector be sure to join us for weekly game nights each Wednesday where these will all be available on the demo shelves ready for you to try out on your own.

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