Looking for more info on the next Prerelease?
Wondering when you can preorder a box?
You’re in the right place! Everything Magic at Game Grid Lehi will be posted to this page as soon as we go live!


First up is the Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease!
6 Events:
-Friday Midnight Prerelease
-Saturday @ 10:30am & 3:30pm
Saturday 2 Headed Giant @ 8pm
Sunday @ 2:30pm
-Sunday 2 Headed Giant @ 7pm

Make sure to Preregister to Reserve your Guild!

Next up is our 1k Sealed!
Celebrate the Release of Ravnica Allegiance the right way – by crushing your opponents in a 1k!
Best part? You can use your 1k Sealed Pool in our Ravnica Allegiance Sealed League!!

Join the Ravnica Allegiance Sealed League!
Even if you don’t have time to play the 1k you can still get into the Sealed League anytime – just grab six packs and get registered.
Win Prizes Every Week – and play in the Grand Finale to win even more prizes!!

Magic: The Networking is a huge, one-day-only, Magic Draft + Tech Networking event!
Find out about Career & Education Opportunities!!
Connect with other Professionals in the Industry.
And Play Magic together!!
Sponsored by Domo, Vivint and Henry Schein, this is the “Can’t Miss” Magic Event of the Season!!

Game Grid is now hosting two $3,000 Championship Events every year!
Anyone can be a Champion, and the first Game Grid Championship is in April!
You can win entry by taking 1st or 2nd at our Standard $1k+ Ultimate Qualifier!
Plus it’s a Standard $1k+ event – so of course it’s going to be awesome 🙂

The Final Big Event for Magic – at least until next Prerelease – is our Modern $1k+
Traditionally our Modern $1k+ events are the largest, most competitive Modern events in Utah, with as many as 84 players!
AND we up the prize support when more players join, meaning that there can be over $2k of prize support on the line!
Make sure to preregister to reserve a seat at our premiere events!!


If you noticed a pattern, congratulations!
With a new year comes an awesome, and exciting, change to our event schedule at Game Grid Lehi:
With every release, we will now be running Three 1K events!!

1 – 1K Sealed on Release Saturday
$35 Entry, 6 Pack Sealed with Guaranteed $1,000 In Store Credit Prize Support + Scales Up with Player Count!
Use your Registered Pool to join our Sealed League the Monday After the 1K!

2- $1k+ Standard one month after Release
$35 Entry with Guaranteed $1,000+ in Cash Prize Support + 25% bump for Credit + Scales Up with Player Count!

3- $1k+ Modern two months after Release
$35 Entry with Guaranteed $1,000+ in Cash Prize Support + 25% bump for Credit + Scales Up with Player Count!