Game Grid Lehi stocks a lot of games – seriously, it’s kind of mind boggling how many games we order in.
And we still don’t have 1/10th of what is available.
There are just that many games! Hundreds of new releases every year!

But you want to shop here, support your favorite local game store, and earn rewards points – so what do you do when we are out of stock??
Order it in.

When you Special Order through Game Grid Lehi, we have a great offer for you too-
All Special Orders (Pre-Orders, Restocks, or Custom Orders) are 20% off.
Unlike price matching, on Special Orders  you’ll still get Rewards Points and you can use your Store Credit to help bring the cost down even further!

There’s 3 steps to qualifying for a Special Order:

1. Out of Stock-
We have to be out of stock on the item you’d like us to order.
Yes, this counts for Pre-Ordering new games!

2. In Stock-
The game has to be available at one of our suppliers for us to order in.
Sometimes games go in and out of print, so we have to check stock on each order.

3. Prepaid-
To qualify for the discount we do require prepayment on special orders.

That’s it! Nice and simple.
Whenever you hear about a sweet new game coming out, or you need a game we don’t carry, just come on in and we’ll set up an order for you!


Want to Special Order?
Give us a call – (801) 477-7680,
Send us an email –, or
Come on over and we’ll help you get set up!