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Hey everyone, welcome to the Command Valley. I’m Landon and today I’ll be guiding you through my Tinybones, Trinket Thief deck. Before we get started, if you are new to our content and/or haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, we’d really appreciate it if you could click on the video link below and hit that subscribe button! It’s a free and easy way to support our channel, and you’ll stay up to date on all our content! With that out of the way, let’s dive into the discarding folly that is Tinybones.

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Tinybones is a brand new legendary creature, being printed in the new Jumpstart set coming out later this summer. As soon as I saw this card, I was super stoked and started brewing immediately. I’ve been waiting a long time for a good discard-matters commander, and Tinybones has it all! Card draw & discard payoff/wincon stapled on.

This deck is incredibly simple and straightforward. We’re seeking to empty our opponents’ hands as quickly as possible and drain them out with Tinybones’ activated ability. So, as always, I’ll break this 100 card list up into a couple of different categories. Let’s start with the ramp.


Ramping is incredibly important in any EDH deck. Tinybones’ activated ability is a little pricy, so we want to make sure we can get to 6 mana fairly quickly. Hopefully, we’ll be able to drain our opponents out over a couple of turns–as their hands will be empty, they likely won’t have a way to stop us. Here are the mana rocks that we are running:

Each of these mana rocks will help us to get to Tinybones’ activated ability quickly. We can also play things like Magus of the Coffers, Crypt Ghast, Bubbling Muck.


The amazing thing about Tinybones is it turns ALL of our discard spells into effective cantrips. Without tinybones, this deck would run out of gas about as fast as we’re emptying our opponents’ hands.

We’ve got several different ways to make our opponents discard cards and I’ve broken them down into multiple categories.

One-Time Discard Spells

Here is the list of our “one-time discard spells”.

Arterial Flow: Hitting each opponent for 3 mana is very efficient and sometimes we may have a vampire.

Delirium Skeins: I love this card. It’s incredibly efficient at 3 mana, and it might come back to bite us but I think more often than not it’ll throw a huge wrench into our opponents’ plans–because they have to discard at random–and 3 cards is really significant.

Mind Rake: Usually a card’s “overload” cost is higher than its normal CMC, so I think the intentions were to have the overload be a downside for the caster, but we have ways of taking advantage of discarding cards. That makes this card a win-win for us. Plus, Tinybones will let’s us refill our hand anyways.

Mind Sludge: This will (more than likely) completely empty our opponent’s hand of every card–clearing the way for tinybones to start draining their life.

Smallpox: This card does a little bit of everything. Making everybody sacrifice a land could be absolutely devastating early on.

Tasigur’s Cruelty: With how many cards we’re going to be going through, this should usually only cost 1 mana which is incredibly efficient. We’re going to be stripping away 6 cards from our opponents’ hands.

Vicious Rumors: This is a watered-down Smallpox–except we are excluded from the effects. This is basically just a cantrip in the deck and to help keep our opponents’ hands empty.

Bloodhusk Ritualist: This card is really expensive to cast and kick but late game it could be useful to empty an opponent’s hand.

Burglar Rat, Rotting Rats & Miasmic Mummy: These cards are basically the same- just cantrips.

Awaken the Erstwhile: Probably the best discard spell in the deck. It sets up Tinybones perfectly.

Dark Deal: One more thing to remember, we have a bunch of spells that I’ll get into later that care about our opponents discarding cards which will make this card make more sense.

Mindslicer: Like awaken the Erstwhile, this does everything we want it to by emptying all of our opponents’ hands all at once.

Combat Damage

These cards are pretty straight forward and all do the same thing. They all make the player they are attacking, or each player, discard when they deal combat damage.

Repeatable and Instant Speed Discard

One thing I’ve realized while testing this deck is that we want to take advantage of being able to make our opponents discard on their turns because Tinybones triggered ability goes off on each end step, not just ours. Here are the cards I am running in these categories:


We’re not just going to rely on Tinybones to punish our opponents for discarding cards, oh no. We’ve got several backbreaking cards that are just as efficient at draining our opponents as Tinybones is.


Each of these spells drains our opponents’ life each time that opponent discards a card or drains their life every turn if their hand size is too small.


Tinybones already helps us to stay ahead of our opponents, but drawing cards is, in my opinion, the best thing you can do in a game of magic besides win. Here is the extra card draw that I am including:

There isn’t a ton of extra draw in this deck because I am counting on Tinybones to help out a lot.


As far as interaction goes, we’re playing a fair amount. Because we are in black, we can basically deal with any time of creatures. Here are the board wipes and target removal that I am currently playing in the deck.

Board Wipes



Target Removal

Go for the Throat is a staple black removal spell. We’ve also got Snuff Out, an awesome removal spell. It’s super nice that we can cast it even when we’re tapped out. Defile is a super nice removal spell at instant speed–it can even deal with indestructible creatures.

Epic Downfall is really helpful when dealing with gods and Eldrazi. I’ve also found that most commanders I play against cost more than 3 mana, so often times this will hit most of our opponent’s commanders.


Grimoire of the Dead: I think that this card is HIGHLY underrated. After having it out for three turns we can basically cast a Rise of the Dark Realms. With how many cards we’re going to make our opponents discard, we’ll have plenty of juicy things to reanimate.

Gray Merchant of Asphodel: This can come in super huge in the late game. With how many enchantments and creatures we have it’s possible for our devotion to be 6-8 on average which might be enough to close games out using this classic black card.


Sangromancer: This is an extra discard payoff that will help us stay in the game. Gaining three life every time an opponent discards a card is super nice.

Revenge of Ravens: Losing one life for each creature attacking us will hopefully disincentivize people from attacking us.

Nihil Spellbomb: If we’re up against a deck that wants their graveyard to be filled it’s nice to be able to deal with that. I would definitely recommend running at least a little bit of graveyard hate card just in case.

Alright, that’s it for today’s article! Thank you guys so much for checking it out. I hope you enjoy building and playing this deck!

As a bonus, we have a video of Griffin opening 18 pre-release boxes for Game Grid that’s a great showcase of the cards coming out in Core Set 2021.  Take a watch here!

Here’s the full deck list:


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