Game Grid Update – September 2019

Hello Fellow Gamers!

There are tons of big events happening in September & October – including Mega Modern Weekend, a $5,000 Tournament!, a Magic Prerelease, Paint Night with Mike and….


Get ready for the greatest day of Gaming in Utah!!!
All the details of Alpine Gaming Con are at the bottom of the post – cause we want you to scroll on through and see everything else that’s happening 🙂

Magic: The Gathering

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Throne of Eldraine Prerelease is September 27th-29th!

Prerelease is one of my absolute favorite times to play.
Getting a sneak peek at a new Magic set by cracking 6 booster packs and making a deck out of them is the best way to kick it off!
Throne of Eldraine looks especially spicy with its Fairy tale setting and storeis!!
You can see spoilers for the upcoming set Here. You can reserve your spot and save money on registration Here.

A couple things of note:
-We’ve added a new event to our prerelease schedule called “Introduction to Prerelease“. It takes place Friday the 27th @ 3pm and will be great for newer players just starting to dabble in the world of Magic the Gathering.
-We now offer a discount on each event if you preregister and prepay! For example, the Introduction to Prerelease is $25 at the door, but only $20 if you prepay!

Modern Team Head Hunters September 14th!

Mega Modern Weekend 2019!! September 20th-22nd

For the second year in a row Game Grid Lehi will be hosting Mega Modern Weekend.
This time we are very proud to announce that the main event will be a $5000 prize support Mythic Championship Qualifier. For those who aren’t familiar, Mythic Championship Qualifiers (MCQs) are how you qualify for the biggest tournament in Magic. When you win the MCQ, not only will you be walking home with a chunk of the $5000 prize support, you’ll be invited to Mythic Championship Richmond, a $1 Million prize support tournament officially hosted by Wizards of the Coast!!
To top it all off, you get a sweet Arcbound Ravager promo just for playing.

And that’s just on Saturday!
On Friday we’ll be hosting 16 player on-demand $500 modern tournaments as a way to warm yourself up and make last minute changes to your deck before the big day.

Sunday will be a cool down day with a *small* prize purse of $2000.

To register for any of the Mega Modern Weekend events at a discounted rate click Here.


Warhammer & Tabletop Minis-

Warhammer meets every Tuesday for 40k, with Terrain & support provided by The Rudder. The Rudder will also be hosting a Grand Tournament for 40k players here in December (more details by the next update).
Tuesday September 10th, Mike Dunn will be hosting 5 Minute Minis, a paint night lesson on how to paint your minis quick & professionally. Space in the class is limited! Be sure to preregister.

Role Playing Games-

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League is on Thursday
Pathfinder Society is also on Thursday Nights – it’s all the RPGs in one place! 🙂

Tuesday September 10th, Mike Dunn will be hosting a paint night lesson on how to paint your minis. Space in the class is limited! Save 25% on registration and preregister online with this link

Board Games-

Board Game Night happens every Wednesday Night, with 20+ players playing a variety of games!
Want to know what’s being played? Send a FB Message to Game Grid Lehi Staff and we’ll add you to the group!

Play Keyforge every week at Game Grid!
We now host Chainbound events every Friday at 7pm – and the more players the more points you earn online!!

Join us any Friday Night to meet up with other Keyforge Players and have a great time playing new decks and winning prizes!!

See you there!

We will be hosting Alpine Gaming Con on the 26th of October

This year is looking to be very exciting for Alpine Gaming Con.

We’ll be taking a Halloween themed approach and concluding the event with the largest game of “Werewolf” Utah has ever seen. Click the banner for more details.



That’s all of the awesome and exciting stuff for now – stay tuned though because we will be filling up all of October, November and December with a ton of fun events for everyone!