Utah Leads Together 2.0 Update – Game Grid Lehi

Hello Fellow Gamers!
Welcome to the month of May! There’s a lot going on so let’s hop right in-

Utah Leads Together 2.0 –
Moderate Risk Level

As of May 1st, Gov. Herbert issued an executive order changing Utah’s Coronavirus Risk Level to Moderate.
In a nutshell, here’s what that means-

  • Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer/Washing Required
  • Social Distancing still observed
  • Groups of up to 20 – or 1 person per 100 sq ft.
  • Temperature Checks Recommended
  • For Restaurants, groups of no more than 6, with 6ft of distance between groups.
  • And a lot more – read it all here.

We’ve heard from a lot of our customers that they are excited to get out of the house and start playing games again.
But there is nothing more important than the health and safety of our community, and we will be following all of Utah’s guidelines as we begin to re-open our play area.


What that means for you & playing at Game Grid Lehi-

  • Face Masks Required
    Please bring your own mask. We do have a limited number for sale if you do not have access to one.
  • Hand Washing/Sanitizer Required
    Available at the front counter, in the restrooms, & at every table.
  • Temperature Checks Required
    Before entering the play area, please check-in with our staff to have your temperature checked.
  • Limited Seats Available – Reservation Required
    You can make a reservation for a 4 hour block here.
    To observe Social Distancing, we will only have 2 Tables with 6 Players & 3 Wargaming Tables with 2 Players Open.
    With only 18 players in our 3600 sq ft. space, we will safely meet all guidelines:
    • Less than 20 players in the play area
    • Tables have less than 6 people
    • 1 person per 100 sq ft (2oo in our case)
    • Our layout will ensure that all tables have over 6 ft of distance between each other, to ensure that groups are able to practice social distancing.
  • No In Store Events
    We are definitely not at the point where it is safe to encourage anyone to gather.
    Regardless of what safety measures we have in place, it would be irresponsible to offer incentives for players to come to the store.
    As a matter of fact, Wizards of the Coast has suspended official in store play until June 1st. 
    All events, including the Ikoria Prerelease, will continue to be held online through Discord & Twitch.

We will continue to follow all guidelines from local and federal authorities, and if more strict measures are put in place, we will immediately close down our play area again.

To be entirely clear –
The mental well being of our community is the only reason we are reopening our play area at all.
For a lot of us, being isolated can be a major factor in depression or anxiety, and having a game night is our preferred way to socialize.
Or maybe you’re just a bit stir crazy, you miss seeing your friends, and everything going on has you completely stressed and you need a break.
Our goal is to provide a safe place for our community to have limited social gatherings.
It’s what having a Local Game Store is all about.


I want to thank you all for your support – because you have chosen to continue to shop at Game Grid, whether that’s through deliveries from our online store, by swinging by to pick up a game occasionally, preordering new cards through us, or by playing in our events on Discord & joining us on Twitch (there are a heck of a lot of ways you guys have shown up for us, wow!!!)

Anyway, because of your support, Game Grid is in a position where we don’t have to open up our play area and run events to financially survive.
We can afford to be cautious, to limit our capacity, and to be safe.
I will always put health and safety first, but it means a lot to me that you have made it easy for me to do so & still keep the doors open.

I don’t want to even pretend to know how long this is going to last, but when it’s over, we’re going to throw the biggest gaming party you’ve ever seen, and you’re all invited 🙂

Thanks all,
& all of us at Game Grid.

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