Who Knew They’d Be Good? – Anowon, Obuun, Tazri, Kaza – ZNR Pre-con Gameplay – Duel of the Peaks #9

Hello everyone, this is Peter bringing you our 9th episode of Duel of the Peaks Season 1.  We played the pre-cons from Zendikar Rising against similar power level decks from commanders from the mainset to see how they fared.  Turns out, they’re a really quality product.  We like to play the pre-con decks right out of the box because it’s not really something we see a lot out of players online, so to really get a glimpse of what you’re buying before you upgrade them, we brought them to the table.

If you’re interested in purchasing these, you can click on the link below to be taken to Game Grid’s website to purchase them, and doing so will support the channel as well!  We hope you enjoy the gameplay video and the new product; let us know what your thoughts on the lower-price-point commander decks is!  We also have some budget upgrade guides on our channel, so please check them out if you’re wanting to pick these up.

Zendikar Rising – Release Day Commander Decks! Available 9/25

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